Best Sites like Craigslist to Buy and Sell Used Stuff {Updated}

Top Sites like CraigslistCraigslist is one of the best sites to buy and sell stuff. It is one of the very renowned sites of the US and Canada where people just rely on sites like Craigslist to sell their own stuff. But as other sites are coming people have started migrating to other sites due to their additional features. Other sites are also good as Craigslist. Here you can sell almost everything on websites like Craigslist.

Also, you can sell furniture or electronic items and possibly you might be looking for sites with which you will be able to sell your old stuff. So that you can actually get rid of old scrap. Also if you are looking for some used items then you can reach this site and hence find stuff for you at a reasonable price.

sites similar to craigslist
Best Sites like Craigslist to use right now

Not only home materials are sold or bought on this site but also cars can also be sold and bought on these sites.  So we should know which sites are actually the best alternatives to Craigslist. So let us look at some good alternatives of hook up sites like Craigslist. Continue Reading to know more…

Websites Like Craigslist Which You Can Use Right Away

Now we can look at some amazing alternatives to Craigslist. They are somewhat more secure than sites like craigslist due to their unique ideas. This is the thing which is prior to every person as we need to rely on the buyer and then only we can buy that product. Now we shall look at Craigslist alternatives which are really good to go for. Let us have a look at them.

Offer Up

 This site is similar to craigslist. Offer up apps are available for iOS and Android so that we can see what items are available on this site on our mobile directly. This makes the user’s experience friendlier. It is a very secure online platform where buyers and sellers interact with each other. Here before buying and selling there is an ID verification process which is must to be complete from every part. This is the reason we can trust the persons and fake personalities can be eliminated.


craigslist alternative

Also, it will look for Facebook friends and will tell you suggestions like if someone amongst your friends is trying to sell or buy an item. Thus we can say that this is a very secure marketplace which we can rely on. The UI of the site is very friendly and you can choose the thing which you want to. You should visit the site once and decide that how many times it is better than Craigslist. All the best!!


It is one of the sites similar to Craigslist in which almost all cities of U.S. are listed over there. This helps us a lot so that almost all cities persons can get the used things in your home. In sites like Craigslist personals, there are not many cities listed that’s why people face difficulty to find customers nearby. This is the drawback of Craigslist and that was Bookoo takes a lead. Almost 35 lakh people are registered on this site that means the network of people connected on this site is extensive.

websites like craigslist

It will also let you know information about seller so that you can actually verify whether the seller is genuine or not. Also when you are trying to sell an object you have to give a brief description about it so that people can come to know what exactly the product is. Hence bookoo is one a great alternative of Craigslist which everyone should use once.

Varage Sale

This is very different from other sites. Varage has a very unique idea of communicating with people. It has online communities set up so that groups can be made with people whom you actually know. All your neighbors can be added to that group Or simply the people of one place can form one community. In this way, many communities will be made.

alternative to craigslist

Now trading is very easy by using interacting in the group. When one needs to sell one product, you can rely on as he or she is from your place only. Also, you can communicate in such a way that you first see the product and then buy it. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. Also, Varage Sale apps are available to download on Android and iOS. So that you can see what items are available on mobile directly only.

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Online Yard Sale

Online Yard Sale let you interact with your neighbors and also with the rest of the world. Whatever things are available at a garage sale you will get on this site. You will get almost all kind of scrap here. But yes if the item you need is big enough then you need to go to the shop and buy it over there.

sites similar to craigslist

Otherwise, you can simply ask the seller to ship to your place. This site is growing but yes it has a unique idea. We can say it as an online Garage. Isn’t it spanking? I am really amused by the idea. One should surely visit the site once and see what kinds of things are available there. Go ahead and visit it once.


OLX is a site which is widespread in about 100 countries. With such an amazing marketplace it is one of the best sites to sell or buy your stuff. You can get almost everything on OLX whether it is books or a big item like a car. With the help of so many customer bases, all products are there which can be bought without hassle. In India, it is one of the best sites for selling and buying old stuff.

other sites like craigslist

It has its official mobile app which is designed for iOS and Android platform. So that users can directly access the site without any browser. I think OLX is such a reliable platform that everyone should go for. Go for OLX and make your life easy. This tagline aptly suits it.


Hence, the sites which we have discussed above are very good alternatives to Craigslist. They are no doubt better than Craigslist. They have their own X factor due to which their customer base is expanding rapidly. You should all visit the sites once and then decide which site is best for you. Test the waters first before making a decision. Do we miss any site which you mostly used to buy used stuff? Then mention them in the below comments. We will include them in the article. Stay tuned to Trickism for more awesome articles.