Download Android Multi Tools Latest Version 2019

Android multi tool: Today, if you see millions of users using Android smartphones to a greater extent. Every user while using initiate to think security point of view and set a password without a fail. But due to some or other reasons user has a great chance of forgetting the password and get fails to unlock. This is designed especially for those users and help in unlocking software in a more successful way.

The password might be either a pin/ gesture/ any, the android multi tool helps in unlocking successfully. Moreover, the user need not worry about losing the data available on their smartphones. Because it is only for unlocking and help you to access very well. By the way, the name itself suggests does multiple tasks simultaneously without facing any kind of trouble in the middle of the process.

Android Multi Tools
Download Latest Version of Android Multi Tools

Therefore, I highly recommend using this tool who has completely forgotten the password and struggling enough to unlock. As a result, in order to get this, can perform a single click on the link shown here and access right now without wasting all your valuable time. For more details, you can have a look here and understand what exactly it is and how to use accordingly.

What is an android multi tool

The Android Multi tool greatly works on unlocking all your smartphones especially when you have forgotten all its password. Either it might be a gesture or any, not a big deal. Helps in removing in a single second. So the users who were tensed about forgetting password all the time can relax now completely.

android multi latest


This is because the tool helps very well. Apart from this, there are various uses, features, and advantages associated with it greatly. I highly suggest this tool to unlock your software programme right a minute and access accordingly.

Features of Android Multi Tool

Below are certain features where every single user has to understand and access the respective tool in a more successful way.

  • It has the ability to check both software and hardware information.
  • Helps in entering the fastest mode without pressing any button.
  • Performs a reboot in a single second without wasting of time.
  • Moreover, launches the respective command prompt with a single click.
  • Either it might be the pin/ pattern/ gesture/ the face, unlocking it and make you access is the ultimate goal.
  • It provides the respective device information like IMEI number, model number, version and much more.
  • It checks the respective device status and is said to be up to date.

How to Use Android Multi Tool Latest Version 2019

Hope it is clear and got a basic idea about it. If you are interested with and like to get, perform a single click on the below-provided link and access accordingly. Using so will make you relax and help to access the Android mobiles when it is locked enough. Therefore, whenever you forgot the password and failed to unlock, no worries. Get the Android multi tool, unlock it and access in a more successful way.

Requirements to Download Android Multi-tool

Following are the requirements to be considered before downloading the Android multi tool on your smartphones. Check out now, if you don’t have any, get it and then proceed to the download/ installation process successfully.

OSWindows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Zip Size0.35MB
CostFree of cost.
Categorytools/ software programme
Internet Speedhigh
USB cableoriginal and compatible enough

Download Android Multi Tool Right Now

As a result, if you are looking for the download link with a bug free and malware free, here it is. We have bought for you to make download complete much easier. Look forward and get the programme right now without any fail.

Download Android multi-tool for free

Steps to Use Android Multi Tool Latest Version

Till now we have seen the requirements, features and download process provided in a clear and better understandable format. Now let us learn how to use the respective Android multitool in a quick and simple way. Look forward and try out using it right now.

  • As discussed, download the software programme with the help of the above link.

download android multi tool

  • Extract the files to the destination folder for easy access.
  • Once the whole process gets complete, click on android multi tool.exe file and run it accordingly.
  • As a result, one can see the prompt appearing on the screen. Follow all such on-screen instructions and perform the task accordingly.

android multi tool latest

  • Press 1 for the device status.
  • Tap 2 in order to reset the respective password. Once after clicking the number 2, follow all the instructions and change accordingly.
  • Click 3 to wipe the data or the gesture lock.
  • Press 4 to reset the Google ID which is associated with the device.
  • Tap on 5 to wipe all the data available in your device and all set to use the device.
  • Press 7 to show the status of the device which is in fast boot mode successfully.

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Why Android Multi Tool is Playing an Important Role

Well, let me tell you, the Android usually work on either normal mode or in the fast boot mode respectively. Normal mode means when you download android multi tool, extract files and run it, the command prompt opens in green background. Whereas in fast boot mode, helps in resetting all the default drivers available in your system and replace with ADB drivers successfully.

Steps to Download ADB Drivers and Fast boot Drivers 2019

Follow the below instructions in order to download both the latest drivers without facing any kind of troubles. Here we go with step by step provided in a clear and better understandable format.

  • First and foremost, if you do not have an ADB driver, download right now.
  • Once the whole download gets complete, run the administrator accordingly.
  • Click on y in order to continue the installation part and get the ADB, fast boot drivers very well.
  • Set the environment variables. Enter N if you like to install only the drivers respectively.
  • Wait till the whole process gets complete. After the successful completion, in order to verify, open the command prompt and provide adb version as an input.
  • Doing so will display the Android Debug Bridge Version along with its version number. That’s all!!!!! All set to access right now.

Wrapping Up

According to my views, the concept provided here is very clear. For any doubts regarding this, can make a contact with us by simply providing the message in the below rectangular section. Thank you. Also, if you are interested in, can go ahead sharing on all the social networking sites. Thank you. Stay back with trickism for more latest and better tricks.