6 Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites List 2019

Wayback machine alternative: Before moving towards various top most wayback machine alternatives, let me tell you what exactly wayback machine is for? The wayback machine is an internet archive. This means held responsible to build a huge digital library of numerous sites respectively. Also, builds artifacts in a digital form without fail.

Moreover, it provides free access with respect to the researches, historians, scholars and much more without facing any kind of trouble. And this usually has come into existence in the year 1996. And if you see today, this has around 20+ years of history carried out with the help of wayback machine successfully. And what not!!!!! Any of the users have a great chance of uploading media to the internet archive especially with a free account.

Wayback Machine Alternative
Top Best Wayback Machine Alternative

As they have come with one of the best and huge library, maintains tons of books without any fail. One can also find out the project related information through their blog successfully. In simple, the wayback machine is one of the best to use upon with no second thought. Now it is the time to learn a few best wayback machine alternatives provided in a clear and understandable format.

Wayback Machine Alternative Lists 2019

All these were greatly used at the time of launching a new site. At that particular time, it is well necessary to make research deep of all the successful sites in order to get success without facing any kind of trouble. Now here, let us go with few of the top sites like wayback machine in a clear format

  • Alexa
  • PageFreezer
  • Archive.today
  • DomainTools
  • YubNub
  • TimeTravel

Therefore, Look forward and learn the importance, pick the one and use accordingly.



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Alexa is one among internet archive wayback machine alternative, well-known by several individuals. This site has come up with various learning ebooks, video tutorials, a blog for learning about SEO and other content to a greater extent. Also, this greatly helps for both marketers and agencies very well.

First and foremost, the user can try for the free trial and later go with the pricing by paying a little penny for the successful access. Features like SEO tools, competitive analysis tools, 6 tools for completing marketing workflow ebook were greatly available through Alexa. In simple, it is best wayback archive comparatively.

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This is again doing a great job and the features it offers has become one of the reasons standing at a high position in all over the market. And therefore, achieving both social media and website are greatly done on a single platform. The BlackRock, The city of Sacramento, Equifax, Humana, Motorola are few of the customers dealing with it even today very well.

In simple, this gives a real-time experience of a particular site or due to the most advanced features, lying in top position in all over the market. This is more suitable when you like to look after competitors site information or about to analyze related with your own site respectively. That means the page freezes is considered as one of the best options among various wayback machine alternatives.

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This is the best suitable for webpage capture and acts like best alternatives to wayback machine without any fail. With the help of this, one can capture the web page and that will definitely be online even though the actual or original page gets disappear. In simple terms, has come with an amazing and user-friendly interface that was accessed by several individuals.

Usually, there are multiple sites that save only the particular page, but archive. today held responsible in saving the page as well the HTML code of that particular site respectively. In simple, it saves both text and a graphical copy of one particular page to achieve greater accuracy than any others available all over the market. Also, one can search for the archive for all the saved screenshots followed by the provided search bar respectively.

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Well, this is another most interesting wayback machine alternative, combined with both screenshots as well with whois respectively. In other words, one can say this act as a leader in all the three whois, domain and also as the DNS data research tools without facing any kind of trouble. This means one has the ability to access over 300 million domains without any fail.

Also, has a great chance of accessing with the best database called upon ccTLDs and data spanning around 15 years with no doubt. Every single user has a great chance of gaining membership by performing a single click on the available option called buy a personal membership respectively. And finally, for the successful login, the user has to provide the credentials like username, password and finally click on login button without fail.

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This is another most interesting wayback alternative which is greatly used and easy to handle accessing a certain amount of information related to the sites. Has come with a lot of unique features comparatively. Moreover, the yubnub automatically gives an idea as to how one particular site should access website information without facing any kind of trouble.

Google, Wikipedia, CNN, allmusic.com, ESPN are few of the popular searches involved with the YubNub respectively. as a result, one has to simply provide the URL of the site on the home page and click on enter. Doing so will completely provide the website information which you are looking for in a very short period. In simple terms, one can say this as best wayback alternative among various available all over the market.

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Now, this is the time to learn about top wayback machine alternative none other than TimeTravel. The name itself tells as this takes you to travel back in the past and lets you visualize how exactly the website looks for at that particular period of time. Once the official site is opened, can notice a menu bar providing the list of options like Memento project, Robust links, TimeTravel, Memento tracer and what did it look like respectively.

Also, the site provides a few words about TimeTravel, API and also privacy terms provided in a clear and better understandable format. Looking forward to these gives you a basic idea of what exactly TimeTravel is and used for. And what not!!!! The user has to simply enter the URL, date and time. And finally, click on find. If you like to reconstruct, simply click on it and get succeed. As simple as that!!!!!!

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Final Verdict

As per my point of views, the wayback machine alternatives were provided very clear. Go through them, learn the importance and usage, go with it without any fail. Always pick the best which you understood well and try out successfully. For any doubts regarding these, can have contact with us irrespective of time. So that we might help in clearing out very well. Stay with trickism in order to get more interesting updates and greater tricks.