Download Change My Software All Versions with Installation Process

Change My software: This is considered as one of the computer software programme designed specially to bring upon Windows on Android phones without facing any kind of hurdles. One can say it as one of the simple process carried down by several individuals. However, supports all type of editions in a more successful way.

People who were looking to enjoy all the Microsoft features on Android, Change my software does the job. This means, enables dual boot feature very well. The file is available in the form of the zip folder. One need to extract the files in order to access.

Download Change My Software
Download Change My Software All Versions 2019

Do not worry about the risks involved in it. Because there are no such complaints filed from a single user who was now in the use of Change my Software. Moreover, have come with various features to make you better understand the change my software programme very well.

About Change My Software

One can say Change My Software is a package that allows all the users to install all the Windows latest versions on the Android operating system. Dual boot feature is enabled without involving any kind of risks. In order to get a successful Change my Software programme, do not forget to gather all the components. Like a USB cable, strong internet connection availability, minimum storage space about 8GB, 1GB RAM and what not!!!!

all Windows versions download


The most essential components are the system and the respective smartphone. Once all were gathered enough, it is all set to install this particular software programme without any trouble. The process is quite simple and any user can enjoy the features of both Windows as well as Android ultimately.

Salient Features Of Change My Software Programme

Following are the features to be carried out in order to get a successful Change my Software programme on one of your smartphone. Here we go with the bullet lists one by one provided in a clear and better understanding format.

Download Change My Software

  • This is considered as a multilingual tool.
  • Enables to convert .apk into.exe as well as vice-versa.
  • No single penny is charged in order to install or access the respective Change My Software programme.
  • Occupies a little space on your mobile.
  • Available in the form of Zip folder where one can simply extract and get access with it.
  • Supports Dual-boot without any fail.
  • No risk of involvement at the time of access.

Download Change My Software Latest Version 2019

In order to get all the latest releases of Windows Editions, the Change My Software programme is very much needed. The programme act like a strong bridge for getting all the Windows features on to the respective Android mobile for further accessing.

It means a dual boot feature say, one can boot the Android operating system and another point of view, can boot Windows too without facing any kind of troubles. Following is the simple process and choose the type of edition accordingly for further access. You can Download all the versions from below.

[su_row][su_column size="1/3" center="no" class=""]Change My Software 10 Edition[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3" center="no" class=""]Change My Software 8.1 Edition[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3" center="no" class=""]Change My Software 8 Edition[/su_column][/su_row]

[su_row][su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""]Change My Software 7 Edition[/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""]Change My Software XP Edition[/su_column][/su_row]

How to Install Change My Software Latest Version

Follow the simple steps provided below in a clear and better understandable format. Before, going to install, do not forget to gather all the requirements which are needed for a successful installation. This makes the process bit easier and saves a lot of time for every user. So, therefore, who were interested enough or like to access with it, go with the flow by implementing below steps one by one and get succeed in it.

change my software download

Before beginning the process, Open your Android mobile-> navigate to the option called settings-> developer's option-> provide a tick mark on the respective checkbox lying beside the USB debugging. On the basis of Edition you choose, one has to select both Android and Windows with no second thought.

Step by Step Installation Process

  • As discussed, enable the debugging option by following the above-mentioned path.
  • Now, it is the time to connect both your mobile and respective system through a USB cable. Make sure that the USB cable used was completely original.
  • Download the suitable edition and exact the files in order to initiate the whole installation process.
  • Launch the respective edition and select Android-> Windows<Version> to get on your mobile right now.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions by tapping on the continue button provided there. Also, there is a great feature involved to make a backup of the entire smartphone without any fail.
  • Doing so will greatly help from losing the data at the time of installation.
  • Moreover, one can recover the whole data after the successful installation accordingly.
  • Now again tap on next so that you see a window displaying as downloading drivers from the respective online server.
  • Choose the language, time zone, keyboard input type and then click on the next button. As a result, if you observe, the process has begun and wait for a while in order to complete.
  • Tap on install button, pick the edition and install in a more successful way. Finally, change the settings accordingly and is completely ready to use.

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Requirements to be Taken into Consideration

Below are the certain specifications where every user has to think about it and gather accordingly. Here's is the bullet points with respect to the edition.

change my software all versions

[su_box title="Change My Software Requirements for All Editions" style="soft" box_color="#fb9f68" radius="2"]

Requirements for Change My Software XP Edition

  • Android mobile or the tablet.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM is required.
  • Original USB cable.
  • Storage space of 8GB
  • Enabling USB Debugging mode.
  • Strong Internet connection.
  • Change My software Edition XP

Requirements for Change My Software Windows 7

  • Change My Software Edition 7
  • Original USB cable.
  • Strong internet connection.
  • Enabling USB Debugging mode.
  • A system that supports Windows 7.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Sufficient storage space.

Requirements for Change My Software Windows 8

  • Android mobile or the tablet.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM.
  • Enough storage space.
  • Change My software Edition 8
  • System
  • Enabling USB Debugging mode.
  • Availability of strong internet connection with high speed.

Requirements for Change My Software Windows 8.1

  • A computer supporting windows 8.1 version.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM.
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • Original USB cable.
  • Android mobile or the tablet.
  • Change My Software Edition 8.1
  • Enabling USB Debugging mode

Requirements for Change My Software Windows 10

  • High Speed and strong internet connection.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • Enabling USB Debugging mode.
  • Change My Software Edition 10
  • A computer supporting Windows 10.
  • Android mobile or the Tablet


FAQ on Change My Software

[su_spoiler title="What Change My Software Can Do?" style="fancy" icon="arrow"]As we said in the article, Change My Software is excellent software which allows us to use Windows on Android. We may see Many emulators to use Android on PC. In the same way, we can use Windows on Android Phone using this Change My Software Apk.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Can We Download Change My Software from Here?" style="fancy" icon="arrow"]Yes, We have Provided all the Download Links of Change My Software Versions. You can download Windows 7, 8 and XP Versions comfortably. Download the Required Versions and Enjoy using them. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Do We Need to Pay or Do any Survey for Downloading?" style="fancy" icon="arrow"]NO, Not At All. You can directly download change my software without survey. Download for free and enjoy using them right away.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Which Change My Software Version is Best to Use?" style="fancy" icon="arrow"]This completely depends on you. But According to me, I always wanna use the updated versions. So I will go with Change My Software 8 or 8.1 Version. Many people Love to Use Windows 7 Version as their familiar with the Windows 7 version. So it is Completely Your Call to Choose What Version You Wanna Use.[/su_spoiler]

Final Words

As discussed, the information provided here is very clear in my point of view. Choose the edition accordingly and used further. If you like to share this useful information, can go ahead with any of the social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with trickism for more tricks.

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