Top 8 Best AI Apps For iOS Android

Today, we have come with the most interesting topic namely, Artificial Intelligence and best ai apps shortly. What exactly it is and how about it works in today’s day to day life? AI plays a major role and it is one of the best platforms in both science and technology.

The importance of AI is simple as it provides the personal assistance and helps the various users to complete the work in less time. Not only supports SIRI or the Amazon Alexa but also the Android platform greatly.

8 Best AI Apps
8 Best AI Apps

Also, AI never stepped back of introducing and in implementing various functionalities that reduce manpower. As per the Yann LeCun, states “Our intelligence is what exactly we are and AI makes a simple extension of it”.  So let’s go started with it on learning different interesting and useful apps.

Best AI Apps That Use Artificial Intelligence

Day by day, you can notice endless possibilities and huge solutions that are offered by AI.  Before we go with best ai apps in detail, can have a look on the list that has been figured out the best among various.

  • Cortana
  • Google Assistant
  • Hound
  • Replika
  • DataBot
  • ELSA Speak
  • Fyle
  • Google Allo

Hope you got a basic idea on the best ai apps we are going to learn here. Let us now go in detail how exactly they were used and plays a huge role in smartphones.




The Cortana artificial intelligence is a highly popular personal assistant app introduced by Microsoft. Majorly allows users to manage all the tasks accordingly. Setting up a reminder, scheduling meetings, adding events, controlling music can be done using Cortana. Moreover, it helps to track all the confidential or the important files, videos, images with no fail. And what not!!!!

Also, has the features like the ability to make a call, sending SMS and email to the people, preparing notes, much more successfully. But remember to sign in with your Microsoft account when you like to use the Cortana app.

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Google Assistant


Google Assistant is one of the best personal assistant app android. This has come with introducing tons of various innovative features like Google now on tap, anticipating all the needs and much more. One can easily use personal assistance powered by the voice control saying “OK Google”.

Similarly, this is greatly used to set up reminders,  making a call, news, weather report and so on.  Today, you can notice this best personal assistant app on both platforms.

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Hound is one of the most interesting and best ai apps that makes you identify things by your voice itself. In simple words, this is one of the voice search and mobile assistant AI application. When you compare with Siri, Google Now, Hound is faster and very much smarter.

You can listen to your favorite music, setting up various reminders, alarms, weather reports, identifying nearer and best restaurants, booking a ride, much more using this single app. This app greatly understands your speech and redirect it in seconds. This is well known as speech to meaning an assistant app. It majorly translates the speech to text or text to speech very well and searches for the information you need.

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The replica is one more best and interesting artificial intelligence app that helps to increase various conversations greatly. This is supported by both the Android and iOS platforms in order to initiate unlimited conversations through it in a perfect way.

One can also save any of the confidential information with no fear of losing it. On simple terms, it is a notepad app, anyone can download and use on your device successfully.

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DataBot is one of the personal assistant apps that speaks with you. Well, this is a good artificial intelligence app used as a robot. This is used to identify the subjects required and exact answers to the query you ask.

Moreover, allows creating customized multimedia presentations through voice, name and also images. And what not!!! The user can customize the personal assistant as per the language, voice, name and behavior preferences.

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ELSA Speak


The ELSA abbreviated as English Language Speech Assistant, is one of the best ai apps that help people improving their English accent, grammar, pronunciation, a way of speaking and much more. It is used to rescue you greatly. Also, offers the various series of exercises and teaching the material to get improve faster.

It is free of cost and supported by both platforms. Simply go for it and install to improve your English right now. All the app ask you what exactly is your native language and then ask queries according to it.

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Fyle is one of the major iOS App development company does best in the market and helps in employee track, uploading all the company expense related documents to the greater extent. If you are in search of the smart and highly useful app, can go for it with no second thought.

The user can extract all the confidential information from the documents in less time. “Intelligence expense management” is one of the basic principles that make the app work perfectly.  Also, one can say this as the best and most advanced utility app. All this uses Artificial Intelligence greatly and increases all its productivity.

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Google Allo


The Google Allo is again one of top artificial intelligence app supported by both the platforms Android and iOS. It is the messaging app that allows the users to perform an action generated through your voice. This consists of the greater extent of emojis, stickers, and much more. Also, provides the incognito mode where one can hide the search history through the smartphone. In simple terms, the user can use it as a voice to text app on your mobile device.

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So these are the 8 best ai apps which you can use right away and enjoy the apps on your android or iPhone. Download and start enjoying them 🙂

Final Words

The list of best ai apps shown here do and makes the human work complete smartly and fastly. Never stepped back of exploring their power in the smartphones. After all, the key to AI is always a representation. Go through the all and be in touch with us for more updates related to the tons of top AI apps. Thank you. For more doubts, you can drop down a comment shown below. Stay back with trickism to get more interesting tutorials.