Free Family Tree Software Lists 2020 [Latest+Updated]

Free Family Tree Software: Well, if you focus, there are certainly unique and best family tree software free download programme supported by both Windows and Mac operating system. Here we have come up with a few interesting free genealogy software where one can pick and make use accordingly. Be sure the software you pick was compatible enough with your system.

All these free genealogy software for windows 10 and family tree software for mac free enables to create an amazing and absolute free genealogy tree using the most simple user interface. For example, creating a family tree actually includes a perfect ancestral map of all the relatives, adding new family members, errors if any.

Free Family Tree Software Lists
Free Family Tree Software Lists

Moreover featured including the attributes like notes, videos, photos, audio clips and what not. Also, has an option to fill the genetics like eye color and blood group respectively. Once the whole process is done, can sort either in ascending or descending order by taking age or birth factors into consideration.

Best Free Family Tree Software

The free genealogy software is said to be social, and plenty enough in order to hold the data of a particular family. Looking into it, one has to get a basic idea related to it. Therefore, look forward to the lists of family tree software free download act like a better option than any other comparatively.

  • Legacy Family Tree
  • Gramps
  • MyHeritage Family Tree Builder
  • Ancestral Quest
  • Editor's Choice: Family Tree Heritage Platinum 8

Before picking up free family tree software, take these points into consideration. It means one should pick is the software is good free family tree software? Does it is compatible enough? Is that consists of the option like family search database? The free genealogy software you use is genuine? And much more. Try out these and for any queries or any information, can contact us irrespective of time. We are here to help in short.


Legacy Family Tree


This is one of the best among the free family tree software programme. All this helps to create various information reports and appealing charts that majorly helps to visualize ancestry and share accordingly. This has designed by including a built-in browser for quick search and import findings accordingly. Also, there are various templates available. Findings like charts can be chosen without any fail.

Moreover, helps to create the full web page by considering the whole family history. Also, consist of in-built tools especially meant for duplicate entries. The users who have come across this, considered as best and most affordable software programme.


Get Legacy Family tree right now



The Grams is again a free software programme which is completely suitable for genealogists. And it is supported by Linux, Windows and also Mac operating system. It majorly helps to navigate either through name, ancestry, relationship, family, notes, media, repositories, sources, places, events respectively. For example, when you are considering the respective place, if in that case,  find the entries like street, latitude, city and much more accordingly.

Also, helps to generate absolute reports very well. Moreover, greatly supports all type of relations with no questioning. And what not!!!! It has another feature of copy, paste and attaches the files to the family, people, multimedia and also events respectively.

Get Gramps right here

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder


Well, this does best and powerful free genealogy software which includes tree syncing greatly with no bugs. Moreover, used by millions of users and help to perform research on whole family history respectively. Supports 40 languages greatly and highly recommended when you like to search for best family tree software free download programme.

The amazing feature it has is, matches the tree to the millions of users and discover new relatives if any. All this is done automatically. Moreover, create, print, customizes all the beautiful charts without any fail. While coming to privacy, controls every corner of the programme successfully.

Get MyHeritage Family Tree Builder Right Now

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Ancestral Quest


The Ancestral Quest is one of the best free family tree software supported by both Windows and Mac operating system. This is applicable for the beginners and preferable for most advanced genealogist very well. Scrapbooking, keyboard shortcuts, data entry and various were greatly done through this software programme.

Charts like family group sheets, Ancestry charts, Descendant charts and much more can be applied., helps various users to perform research all the family history ever and ever without any fail.  As a result, it is greatly certified.

Get Ancestral Quest through here

Editor's Choice: Family Tree Heritage Platinum 8


This is also considered as one of the free genealogy software helps majorly in organizing and sourcing possibilities very well. The user can simply make changes if any with no second thought. Moreover, it has come with access to both and in order to satisfy all the searches very well. Also, featured as one can create their own database inside the family tree heritage platinum 8 successfully.

As a result, this is highly recommended for all the individuals who especially looking forward to having an amazing and interesting family tree software free download programme. If you are the one, simply get by clicking the below link with no second thought.

Get family tree heritage platinum 8 right here

That' all!!!! Well for more free family tree software programme or any information related to these, can ask us by dropping a comment in the below section. So that we help you in explaining in the easiest and simple format.

FAQ's on Best Family Tree Softwares

[su_spoiler title="What is the best free family tree software?" style="fancy"]As the Article is all about the free family tree software. We have mentioned the best and top most free Family Tree software. You can check the complete list above and download them. We selected the best software for our users and mentioned out there.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="How can I do a family tree for free?" style="fancy"]There are many ways to do a family tree for free. One is by Manual Method and the other is by using the software. We have provided the best family tree software's to start your family tree right away. You can even manage to do it normally and manually if you like to do it.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Is Family Tree Builder really free?" style="fancy"]Yes, Family Tree Builder is really free. You can enjoy using the Family Tree Builder software for free with some awesome features which you can enjoy. Start using Family Tree Software and comment on your experience.[/su_spoiler]


For any doubts related to the free family tree software programme, can ask us. If you like the article, try to share such useful information with all your friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay in touch with trickism for more interesting and amazing tutorials.

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