Audiobookbay Alternatives: Latest Sites like Audiobookbay 2019

Audiobookbay Alternatives: Before getting involved in the audiobook bay alternatives, let me tell you what exactly it is and what is exactly provides. Audiobookbay today considered as the most popular site comparatively. This is especially meant for the persons who like and feel passionate about reading different ebooks these days. Offers tons of ebooks and audiobooks with free of cost. It means, the user no need to pay even a single penny.

With the help of this particular site, one can download tons of audiobooks and share accordingly possessing high quality. If you are the one interested in it, can get here right now. All these were greatly provided on the basis of a single user’s age like children, teen, young adult, and adults respectively. Also, the category like adventure, action, art, computer, crime, detective, education, fantasy, horror, humor, Paranormal, Poetry and much more was greatly supported.

Best Audiobookbay Alternatives
Best Audiobookbay Alternatives

Not only these, if you see there are different topics separated by various categories were greatly included. Books like Deliverance: Forgotten Colony, Book 1 – M.R. Forbes, Maybe Now (Maybe #2) – Colleen Hoover, System Ascension: Enthralled, Book 4 – Prax Venter, The Long Road Home: A Learning Experience and much more available. Pick the one you are interested in and have a wonderful experience with it. Similarly, there are lots of audiobookbay alternatives ranking in top position. Let us analyze and access right now.

Top Audiobookbay Alternatives 2019

However, all these were meant especially for bookworm [book-reading] lovers. Therefore, below are the few best audiobook bay alternative lists provided in a clear and better understandable format.

  • Audible
  • Books-share
  • OverDrive
  • Open Culture
  • LibriVox Audio Books

Look forward to each and every alternative in order to pick the best you prefer.



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Well, Audible is an app supported by both iOS and Android operating system. It has come with the world’s largest selection including audio series, books and much more successfully. As a result, one can listen to the respective audio books irrespective of place and time accordingly. And what not!!!! Also fixes the bugs if any.

Pick the best based on your interest. There are several categories like mysteries, best-sellers and much more were greatly available. Moreover, the user has a chance to listen with no interruptions. No need to get worried about the change of the device used. Because it automatically syncs all the audiobooks very well.

Download Audible for Android

Download Audible for iOS


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Reading books through books-share is a bit easier comparatively. One can get any book irrespective of category from the largest library it maintains. Moreover, one can get unlimited access through these audiobookbay alternatives to a greater extent. Also, allows the user to have a basic idea on the respective book prior to downloading it saving all the valuable time.

Various schools, adults, students and globally initiated and taken a step forward in order to access. The reading experience also can be customized including ebooks in audio, audio+, highlighting text, and other formats respectively. In simple terms, one can say it as best ever than any other available in today’s market.

Get audiobookbay alternatives like Books-share right here


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These libraries add a huge collection from the catalog and enable to borrow accordingly. All this can be accessed for free. If you see, there are 30000 libraries available in 40+ countries which were greatly supported by the Overdrive. But the only essential thing you require is a library card and respective library which support this particular service greatly.

Moreover, this has also come with a one-tap app supported by both iOS and Android operating system. This is the place where one can borrow any number of ebooks audiobooks from the Libby instantly. Marvel comics, Page to screen 2019, It was a red book are few of the categories that greatly provided.

Get overdrive right here

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Well, this is also one most important sites like audiobook bay, provides audiobooks on various categories. Arts and entertainment, bios and memories, business, classics, comedy, crime, and thrillers were some among them. All these were arranged in alphabetical order. One can also log in through social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin for the future and easy access.

However, if in case, the user could not found a particular book, can be notified at any cost. But they must and should subscribe by providing the inputs like name and email id. Doing so only, they can help in notifying whenever the book is posted in that particular site. Try out these amazing and interesting books and the site is purely suitable as well dedicated to the bookworms accordingly.

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Open Culture

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The open culture has come with around 900 audiobooks available for free. If you see, there are great lecturers, free courses, movies, recordings, language lessons and much more in detail. It is the biggest resource or one can say open source where any user can choose the particular audiobook irrespective of time and place.

Lists of books were directly provided on the site as per alphabetical order. By seeing it, one can pick their respective book in a  while. The author named Dan Colman took an initiative and introduced all these categories successfully. As a result, it is considered as one of the best audiobookbay alternatives provided here.

Get Access with the Open Culture right here

LibriVox Audio Books

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It is also one of the most famous audiobook bay alternatives. Provides free access over 24000 audiobooks respectively. And moreover, all these provided in 30 different languages accordingly. This is online readable, and if required an also download for the later use. Most interesting and useful topics were involved it.

And these were separated on the basis of a respective category where one can pick a bit more easier rather than searching from the beginning. Also, it was greatly supported by web, iOS and also Android operating system. Therefore, one can access any number of books irrespective of place, time and device.

Get LibriVox Audio Books right here

FAQ’s on Audiobooks Alternatives

Where can I download audio books for free?
There are few sites where you can download audiobooks for free. We all know that Audiobook website is the best site from where we can download the latest and working audiobooks for free. We have even listed the best alternatives and sites like audiobooks for free. Do check the list of sites and enjoy using them.
How do I download audio books?
You can directly download the audiobooks for free from the sites listed above. It is super easy to download the audiobooks as you normally download any image or like that. Just simply download audiobook files listed in the sites and start listening to them for free. Enjoy the great experience.
Can you download books from Audible?
Yes, Can you download books from Audible and enjoy using them whenever you need. Now each and every people on the earth want the things to be easier and simple. To make it easy you need to download Audible app on your phones or on windows pc and start downloading your best audio books for free.

Wrapping Up

As per my expectations, it is very clear that all these Sites like Audiobookbay were dedicated to book-reading lovers. If you are the one among them, try to pick and enjoy all the experience with it. Like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and much more. Get connected with trickism for more interesting tutorials.