Best Way2sms Alternatives: Way2sms Simillar Sites & Apps 2019

Way2sms Alternatives: Looking for the best way2sms alternatives, if yes, you are at the right place. Here we have come with few top lists Message sending sites or apps provided in a better understandable format. However, if you see, millions of users pick the best on the basis of attributes like a user-friendly interface, affordable enough and also the highest rated one comparatively.

Before getting into it, let me tell you what exactly way2sms do. It is an online portal that offers various free and never-ending SMS all over India very well. Moreover, featured as having an ability for sending SMS without any single penny to the respective mobile.

Best Way2Sms Alternatives
Best Way2Sms Alternatives

Do not forget as the word count is limited to the 160 words respectively. Also, one can recharge your mobile with no charge. So why not we try these top apps like way2sms or sites right today? well, if you are interested in it, pick the one, make an attempt and enjoy all the experience it provides to a greater extent. If you are interested in learning the best font style apps, get here right now.

Best Way2SMS Alternatives 2019

Here are the top lists provided for you. Take a step forward and have a look at all the Message sending sites or apps shown here.

  • 160by2
  • AFreeSMS
  • SendSMSnow
  • Hike Messenger
  • Viber

If in case, like to know more apps like way2sms, contact us. We are here to help you. Let us try out without stepping back.


free sms site

The is one of the best among various sites like way2sms respectively. One can send free SMS, group SMS with free of cost. But the only thing you have to remember is creating an account. To do so, provide the credentials like name, mobile number, email address, password, city, and gender accordingly.

Once the user has created an account, provide the respective mobile number and password for the successful signing. Provides best in services. And what not!!!! Register right now for sending free SMS with no second thought. Have a wonderful experience with it.

Get sites like way2sms right here



160by2 is one of the famous, accessed by various individuals in the current market. One can send unlimited messages for free using this particular app. Also, has a chance of sharing all the information from the web to the respective mobile using its default browser with no bugs.

Seeing various, this has come with the world’s first SMS browser extension available for free. One can also ha a greater chance of sending casual/ seasonal greetings through SMS. And what not!!!! It schedules the SMS for future delivery and available for both browsers such as Firefox and Chrome respectively.

Get 160by2 sites like way2sms right here



AFreeSMS is again one among best sites like way2sms available today. It is highly popular and accessible by millions of users in day to day life. One can send unlimited messages for free through online respectively. All the simple thing you have to do is type a message, send unlimited SMS irrespective of place.

It is all completely free. No charges are included. Where ever you go, sending SMS through this particular site is free of cost. Also, one can check the availability of countries given in the form of lists by performing a single click on the below link. Get this right now and enjoy all the experience very well.

Get AFreeSMS sites like way2sms right here



SendSMSnow is considered as one of the best Message sending sites available today. It is highly rated and accessed by the users to a greater extent. Moreover, one can send unlimited messages through this particular site with free of cost.

Also, featured by including text me button, receiving text replies through the respective inbox, knowing the history of all messages, creating your profile and uploading photos and much more. Start trying out this amazing alternative right now to experience very well.

Get SendSMSnow sites like way2sms right here

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Hike Messenger


While coming to this, the hike messenger is very much famous and accessed by tons of users. It has become famous in a very short notice period. It is a simple, free messaging app where any user can make use of it without any fail. A voice message, video calling are some of the best features involved in it.

In simple terms, this can be said as best in apps like way2sms supported by the Android operating system. Moreover using this, one can have a wonderful experience accessing different styles of emojis and enjoy accordingly. Like to get? Then follow us by simply performing a click on the below link.

Get Hike Messenger apps like way2sms right here



The Viber is also considered as one of the best among apps like way2sms available in a present day to day life. It is a super fast, free and more secure app comparatively. One can make a call or text for free. It means no single penny is charged when you like to use this particular app.

Highly rated and preferred by millions of users comparatively. Just like WhatsApp, hike messengers do the best and make high-quality phone calls without any fail. The only thing you need is a strong internet connection for further access. If you are interested in using this, tap on the below link right now.

Get Viber apps like way2sms right here

FAQ’s on Way2sms Alternatives

Is there an app to send free SMS?
Yes, there are some best apps to send SMS for free. You can use any of these sites to enjoy using them by sending the messages. Now you can use any of the above given sites for sending SMS. These are the best alternatives to way2sms app as well.
How many SMS can be sent through Way2SMS?
You can send up to 3 Free SMS per day and 140 characters long in one message. So there will be a limit of 200 SMS per day only. So you need to use them in the best way.
Can we send SMS through internet?
Yes, you can send SMS from your mobile using the Internet. Now you can send some free SMS from your phone using some free messaging apps. So you can enjoy using these free apps to send SMS to your friends and families.


As a result, all set to use such an amazingly affordable Way2sms Alternatives right today. Before taking initiative, cross-check whether they were compatible enough. If yes, download and use with no second thought. If you like, try to share all your opinion on these apps or sites like way2sms through social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with trickism for more interesting tutorials.