Galaxy Note 20: Check Out the New Galaxy Phone

Samsung just released the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, which are the latest offerings from Samsung’s stylus-equipped series. Samsung Note phones’ specs are always top-notch, with huge high-resolution displays, powerful processors, and powerful batteries. 

The most important specs for Galaxy Note 20 are rounded up here. Of course, the specs never give the whole story, but they certainly give you a good idea of what to expect when you get your new electronic toy.  

So if you want to see what the raw numbers look like, read on for complete specs of Galaxy Note 20 that include the original retail price, battery power, cameras, and screen size of the phone.

Galaxy Note 20: Check Out the New Galaxy Phone
Image Source: Android Police

Hardware and Specs

The regular Note 20, with a 6.7-inch 1080p display, is smaller than Note 20 Ultra. Also, the regular Note 20 is more approachable as a physical unit. It has a little more curve to its corners (but much less to its screen) and shows more bezel in general.

Still, by any standard, it is a relatively large and wide phone with its own design language. The display has the usual 60Hz refresh rate, which you see on any phone. Its storage is not expandable with microSD cards, and only a 128 GB model is available.


The camera system in Note 20 is almost identical to the S20’s. It has a 12-megapixel primary camera, an ultrawide 12-megapixel, and then 64 megapixels for the telephoto and its non-periscope Space Zoom version is up to 30x.

The Note 20 has a 4,300mAh battery, the same Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, and all Ultra software features. But in dropping down some of the things available on the S20 line, Note 20 asks for a decent chunk of money for the S Pen.

Software Enhancements

Here are the software enhancements to the Galaxy Note 20.

S Pen Update

The first significant software update corresponds to the S Pen. Samsung has enhanced the S Pen’s latency and introduced a few more ways of controlling your phone remotely. 

Now, there are more “Anywhere actions” that transform the S Pen into a gesture-based remote control for the phone. However, you’ll need to memorize different magic wand movements to make it all happen.

Microsoft Partnership

Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft is enhanced in several very significant ways. The most important new software feature for the Note 20 line is that later this year Samsung Notes will be synchronized with Microsoft OneNote. 

That makes Samsung’s app much more helpful as your notes are less likely to just lay on your phone now. But Samsung informs us it’s only a one-way sync. 

That implies that, if you work across multiple devices, you cannot use the Notes app as a stand-in to the OneNote app. Notes also acquires the ability to annotate PDFs, match your notes with audio recordings, and offer full folder management.

Gaming Feature

Microsoft will also feature heavily for gaming, as Samsung will push its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate compatibility forward. 

One of the preorder bundles provides an option to get three months of Microsoft’s gaming subscription service, which will allow you to stream Xbox games on Android.  

Of course, the Your Phone app that syncs with Windows will be bundled, but now Samsung is pledging future software updates, including several Android apps running on your Windows desktop.

Galaxy Note 20: Check Out the New Galaxy Phone
Image Source: ZDNet

Bottom Line

The regular Galaxy Note 20 lacks essential features such as a high refresh rate screen, expansion of the microSD storage, and a periscope zoom lens. Despite the lacks, it’s quite pricey at $999.99 for a 128 GB storage model and an 8 GB RAM. 

The cost might have to do with those 5G radios. Whether it can live up to or surpass expectations is still up in the air.