How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer: Today, if you see there are tons of single users using Instagram greatly. Instagram one of the best social networking site used in various ways. Millions of users use Instagram for sharing all their ideas, connecting people through chat and much more very well.

Not only these but also taking snaps, sending or receiving the messages directly to the other users, videos, and other related files in a more successful way. Moreover, using apps like Instagram on mobile is very much common in the current scenario. But do you never tried of using Instagram on the desktop?

Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer
How To Check Instagram Messages On Your PC

If no, let me tell you, the user has good news. Who haven’t still tried using Instagram on the desktop, we have come with various methods that help to access Instagram on PC without any fail. Remember one important point as if you like to use Instagram on a web browser, there no option of having direct message service.

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

As discussed, if you like to use or experience direct message service, very simple. Follow the below methods step by step and implement accordingly. Doing so greatly helps in accessing Instagram direct messages from phone to desktop in a more successful way.

  • how to check direct messages on Instagram on computer/ windows10
  • Use Third-Party App like Bluestacks for PC
  • Use Third-party App for Instagram DM
  • Adding an Instagram Direct Message Extention to the Chrome

Therefore, try out any of the methods above and get it right away for accessing in a more successful way.


How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer/ Wndows10

Below we have come with simple steps for accessing Instagram messages on a computer without facing any kind of trouble. Are you the windows 10 user? Then start right away implementing the following steps provided in a clear and understandable format. As a result, irrespective of place and time, one can greatly make use of it.

Just similar to the play store available on the Android mobiles, app store at iPhones, there is one more store availability for all the windows10 users. By simply navigating to it can get any number of apps/ games and make fun of them accordingly.

how to check direct messages on instagram on computer

So Let’s start learning how to access Instagram/ send or receive files through Instagram in a direct way from PC right here.

  • Go to the start menu-> search by typing either store or Microsoft store for accessing various apps or games respectively.
  • Once navigating to the store-> go for the Instagram app available right there. You can also try the search bar for getting the respective Instagram app immediately.
  • Click on Install and launch the app with no doubt.
  • Now sign in by providing all the credentials so that the user is all set to access their respective account.
  • There the user has to click on the option called Direct Message icon and pick the friend for whom you are looking forward to sending a direct message.
  • After all, to verify the messages sent or received, click on one respective arrow and view the whole thing accordingly.

If you see this is the easiest and fastest method accessing by tons of single users even today. As a result, if you are also using Windows 10, do no make any delay of using it without any fail.

Use Third-Party App like Bluestacks for Computer

Well, this is one more method involved for accessing Instagram messages on pc directly. Just simply get the third-party app like Bluestacks emulator for accessing a number of apps/ games without facing any kind of trouble. This method is completely dedicated to all the users who still access Windows old version respectively.

instagram messages on computer

  • First and foremost, download the Bluestacks emulator right here.
  • Install and launch the emulator on the respective system for further access.
  • Once the whole process is done, redirect to its home page and tap on play store available in the form of lists.
  • Search for the Instagram app and tap on it accordingly.
  • Once the installation process gets complete, provide all the credentials and successfully get sign up with your respective account.
  • Now here tap on the Instagram direct for accessing and sending/ receiving messages directly.
  • That’s all!!! Pick the member and begin all your conversation right immediately.

Use Third-party App for Instagram DM on PC

While coming to another example, there is an availability of third-party app called IG: DM. Just simply by downloading Instagram latest version through IG: DM, one can greatly continue sending/ receiving messages from phone to PC without any fail. In simple one can say this as an open source supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system.

instagram dm on pc

Features like locating any number of users and beginning the conversation with them, Analyzing the members who haven’t followed you, viewing chat messages and much more can be done through this. So, therefore, once completing the whole download process, navigate to the respective search bar, locate your friends and begin the chat without stepping back.

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Adding an Instagram Direct Message Extention to the Chrome

If you see, this is the easiest and shortest method for accessing direct Instagram messages very well. Either the user uses Windows or the Mac doesn’t matter. Just simply navigating to the chrome, try to locate the Instagram direct message extension with the help of search bar.

instagram messages on pc

Or else you can directly find the respective extension right here. Tap on add and therefore, all set to access, send/ receive messages directly from Instagram in a more successful way.


As per my views, the process provided here is very clear. If you like to learn more about it, or for any doubts, we are here to clear enough. Just simply drop a message in the followed comment section to help and guide you. Thank you. Also, if you are interested in, share this useful information on any of the social networking sites right away. Keep in touch with trickism for more interesting tutorials updated on daily bases.