How to Access Google Page Insights For Any Website

Google Insights allows you to analyze patterns of search volume across continents, time frames, groups, and properties. The geographic value for a given keyword and other top search terms relevant to that keyword will be displayed. 

This gives marketers compelling data to make sure the content they create is vital to their area or type of business, or the keyword they are targeting. Google Insights for Search was a program similar to Google Trends that Google offered. 

Google Insights for Search was terminated on September 27, 2012, and was again integrated into Google Trends. Google Trends is a condensed version of Insights, which also offers useful knowledge for marketers. Find out more about Trends here.

How to Access Google Page Insights For Any Website
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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a search tool for trends that shows search term interest in Google. You will see whether a pattern is on the rise or dropping. 

You will also discover demographic data, relevant subjects, and questions to better understand the trends in Google. Google Trends offers access to a completely unfiltered collection of existing Google search queries. 


This is anonymous (no one is identified personally), classified (determining the subject for a search query), and aggregated (grouped). This enables Google to reveal interest in a specific topic from across the globe or down to the geography at the city level.

What Searches are Included in Google Trends?

Google Trends data represents daily searches that people conduct on Google, but it may also indicate unusual search activity, such as automatic searches or requests that could be correlated with Google search results spamming attempts. 

Since it has systems in place to identify and remove irregular activity, these searches may be kept as a security measure in Google Trends. 

Filtering them from Google Trends will let those conducting those searches realize that they have been detected. 

This will then make it more challenging to keep filtering these activities out of other Google Search items where high-fidelity search data is essential. 

Those who rely on data from Google Trends should realize that it is not a perfect representation of search activity.

Google Trends filters out certain types of searches like the ones below.  

  • Searches undertaken by very few people: Trends only display data for popular terms, so low volume search terms appear as “0”
  • Duplicate searches: Trends remove repeated searches over a short period of time from the same user.
  • Special characters: Trends filter out apostrophic queries and other special characters.
How to Access Google Page Insights For Any Website
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How to Use Google Trends

Using Google Trends to Find Niches

Google Trends is a perfect tool for discovering a niche that is growing in popularity. If you’re searching for a new niche, you’ll want to make sure that you move your selection from “Past 12 months” to “2004-present.”

Doing this lets you see precisely if the frequency of the search is rising or decreasing. Yet it also helps you to see one clear-cut glimpse of seasonal patterns.

Find Relevant Product Categories in Related Topics

Suppose you created a blog that’s focused on home workouts. You may be interested in spreading to other verticals associated with that topic.  

Instead of only having content for home workouts on your blog, you might want to include certain types of content that people may be interested in as well. 

After entering “home workouts” into Google Trends, scroll down to the bottom to find “related topics.” Finding out the related topics could be beneficial if you are trying to broaden the types of content on your site.

Create Content on Trending Searches

You’ll find a section on the Google Trends homepage for trending searches. Trending searches are the hottest subjects. 

You can explore trending searches daily, search patterns in real-time, and search by region. You will push large amounts of traffic back to your website by regularly reporting newsworthy articles on your website. 

You can also hop on Twitter’s trending hashtags to post your newsworthy article and get more Twitter followers and social media interaction.

How to Access Google Page Insights For Any Website
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If you want to connect with people, you need to know what they’re searching for and Google Trends can help. 

It is a free service that offers links to real search requests through Google Search, YouTube, Shopping, and Images, to help you keep up with changing behaviors.