The Main Skills of App Developers

With phones becoming more common and cheaper, it seems that literally everyone has a personal smartphone to operate. On top of this, increasingly better features on smartphones mean that phones are like many devices in one.

Hence, it is no surprise that people are moving to their phones to do more and more of their work. Whether it’s browsing, editing, or shooting photographs or communicating, phones are everyone’s primary devices. 

This in turn means that there is an ever-increasing need for app developers in the market. There is an application for almost everything nowadays, and for this, we need more and more developers

The Main Skills of App Developers


App developers are a varied bunch. Some of them work on the back-end, some of them work on the design, and some of them take care of security. In this article, we talk about some of the most sought after skills for app developers. 


User Interface

You could make a very useful app, but what is the point if it’s almost impossible to use and figure out? 

App developers who work on User Interface (UI) are in charge of making sure that applications look great and are easy and instinctive to use. UI relies heavily on market data as well to see if people find the app navigable. 

App Development – Cross Platform

An important skill of app developers is to be able to make an app for everyone. If you make an app for Android and there is no corresponding app for iOS, you are going to lose a large customer base. 

Cross platform app developers majorly work on Android, iOS, Windows OS, and Blackberry OS. In recent years, we have seen phone manufacturers moving from Windows and Blackberry OS to Android OS. 


Remember the time when Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and several other huge Twitter accounts got hacked by a 17 year-old Florida teen? 

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to apps because they collect personal data from you, including email addresses and passwords. 

If this data leaks, there could be serious consequences. App developers who deal with security have to cover all bases and make sure that their means of protection are bullet-proof. 


Backend development includes core logic. Without the thought and energy put into the backend, there would be nothing to show for it. 

The main computation and memory allocation that goes into every app is one of the most important parts of app development, and is a highly coveted skill in the programming industry. 


JavaScript is a very divisive tool, with numerous developers completely basing their entire ideology on it, while others completely swearing off it. 

But the truth is that if you only know JavaScript, and if you know it well, you can easily become a very good frontend developer. 

One of the best features about JavaScript is that there is a framework in place, so it’s extremely easy to use these references for when you are creating your own code. 

The Main Skills of App Developers


The Bottom Line

As long as there are phones and apps, there are going to be app developers. Besides system requirements and your personal data, your phone is full to the brim with apps from different developers. 

App developers who are good at what they do are always in demand in the marketplace, as every website, product, and service needs an app. 

If you’re looking into becoming an app developer, you can check out online courses on Udemy or Coursera. Several of these courses are completely free, and offer comprehensive guides and steps on how to start developing your own apps