Online Entertainment: Download the Starz App

Long gone are the days you needed to hook up your cable to access entertainment at home. Now, you can subscribe directly to quality entertainment channels with plenty of options – thanks to the streaming revolution. 

HBO and Showtime are both long-established brands you’re familiar with, but there’s another secret that you may not have considered in the streaming universe – Starz.  

In 2016, the Starz cable and satellite TV network released an app that allows you to watch its famous movie library and original TV shows. You can get caught up on old episodes or keep up with new originals. 

Online Entertainment: Download the Starz App
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Starz content can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices or computers by using the Starz app.  The streaming service competes with HBO Max and Showtime’s OTT subscription service. 


Developed to be the ultimate fan experience, the Starz App lets you download and watch full movies and shows offline, whenever. It is a premium entertainment app that puts you in total control of your viewing experience at an affordable price.

If you are getting ready for a flight, you can download whatever you need before take-off, and watch on your schedule. All you have to do is simply select the shows and movies you want to watch and download them in advance. 

Furthermore, new films and original series are added each week to give you more variety and choices. It also caters to different genres for every mood or occasion.

Shows are not only limited to drama and comedy but sci-fi, action and more. It also brings back the classics suitable for everyone in the family, such as Monster’s Inc.

You can register up to four devices at any time, and watch different streaming content on up to two devices simultaneously

You’ll get an error message if you try to connect more than four devices. You will need to delete one of the previously registered devices if you wish to add an additional device.

Pricing and Packaging

You can enjoy the bundled streaming service free of charge via the App with a Starz cable or satellite subscription. However, if you don’t subscribe to the TV service, all hope is not lost. 

Without a subscription, you can stream as stand-alone from the Starz app. You can purchase a standalone package for $8.99 a month to access Starz through the mobile app without a cable subscription. 

The Starz app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Roku Channel Store, or from the PlayStation Store for free. You can then use the Starz app on all compatible devices by buying the $8.99 monthly subscription. 

Subscriptions are paid out before the month covered. To add Starz to your satellite or cable subscription, you’ll need to call your television provider to find out about specific costs. 

The addition of Starz will cost anywhere from $10 to $29.99 on average. The service automatically rolls into a month-to-month or an annual subscription, unless it is canceled before the 7-day free trial expires. However, do note that prices can vary significantly.

Note that STARZ Online Services are available only through participating U.S. providers and other U.S. territories where there is a high-speed Internet connection.

Online Entertainment: Download the Starz App
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There are lots of services offering content while you’re online, but the Starz app is a premium entertainment service that lets users download and watch content without an internet connection. 

If you’re looking for a service with original shows and films but isn’t priced at the high end of premium channels, Starz might be the right choice for you.