Discover the Community App: What it Is and How it Works

You can now receive and send text messages to your favorite celebrities thanks to Community App. This app gives people (a lot of them celebrities) the opportunity to hand out a phone number to their fans.

The Community app, founded by Matthew Peltier, first gained attention back in January 2019 kudos to Ashton Kutcher, whose Sound Ventures is an investor in the startup. 

The firm now boasts over 500 celebrities from the A-list, deemed “community leaders.” They are community leaders because they use the app to start a community, and others interested in it can join.  

Discover the Community App: What it Is and How it Works
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Why it Is a Different Type of Social Media Network

Unlike social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, Community enables celebrities to connect with a screened, controlled group of fans. Right now celebrities like Paul McCartney to the Jonas brothers to Amy Schumer are using it. 

Stars also use the app and site to notify fans of gatherings and shows in their particular cities, something even more difficult to do with a public tweet going out to hundreds of thousands of followers. 


The app is not only for celebrities, but others can also create a community, but you will be vetted before they let you start your community. It’s not as simple as starting other social media accounts. 

What Is Community App? 

Community is a modern conversation platform that allows instant and direct communication, utilizing the ease of text messaging, with the individuals you want to reach. 

You can sign up at (323) 310-2202, pick a pricing package, and get activated within 72 hours. You can announce your number through your social media platforms, email, or any way you presently communicate with your audience via this app. 

To reach your community, whether individually or collectively, use their powerful iOS app or their web interface. 

With open rates of more than 90% and double-digit participation, you can get results immediately and do so by establishing an authentic, personal connection with each member. Sign up here to get started.

How Does It Work? 

A Community Leader gets a 10-digit phone number of his own. Through posting on social media, sending an email, or merely providing it to others who want to join their Community, they can promote the number. 

When a Member texts a personalized message for the first time, they get a customized message and link from the Leader, they are encouraged to enter their contact details and to opt-in to the Leader’s Community by adding their contact info.

The Community app allows Leaders to directly text their members, creating a more intimate link on social media or by email than possible. 

Leaders can access the platform, whether they’re in the US or outside the country, from anywhere. Currently, Members must be residents of the United States or Canada and must join with a number from the United States or Canada.

Discover the Community App: What it Is and How it Works
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Features and Issues

Anything you can send via text can be sent via Community. Text messages, emojis, voice messages, images, videos, GIFs, and links can be sent. Messages, through their mobile app or from their web interface, can be up to 400 characters long.

The Community phone number makes it much easier to text one or a thousand individuals in your community. Depending on location, gender identity, age, or interest, you can also personalize your message. 

They presently do not offer a feature to import contacts into your account in Community.  If you have a list of contacts you want to join your community, you’ll have to message them through another channel.  

Final Words

The Community App gives you the ability to pair a text message’s simplicity with a social network’s size. 

You can directly interact with this app, hear what your audience has to say, and they’ll do the same. Sending out a personal message to your community can foster a much closer connection.