How to Play Glory of Heracles on Nintendo DS

The Glory of Heracles is a video game from Nintendo DS. It is a role-playing game whose story follows a boy that washes up on the island of Crete. This boy has got no idea who he is or where he comes from.

Soon, he explores the island and starts to meet companions who tell him that he is immortal just like them. So, the boy, together with a group of people decide to travel to the home of Olympus – a Greek God.

They want to learn answers about their fate and immortality. The game uses turn-by-turn gameplay in the battles and you can make ranged attacks or the melee. You can also use items such as abilities and skills to cast spells.

How to Play Glory of Heracles on Nintendo DS
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Now, for you to attack, you must be very agile and have certain spells. The attack spells are usually powered up by the use of the stylus through inputting the commands on the touch screen and the same for skills.

The Glory of Heracles – Review

This game was developed by Paon, which is a Japanese company working for Nintendo. It is the 6th game in the Glory of Heracles series. It is however the first game in a new series that is set to be released outside of Japan.


The game features 5 elements – Wind, Fire, Ice, Dark, and Earth. Whenever the character doesn’t have enough to cast a spell, the difference of what he needs is usually subtracted from his hitpoints which are known as reflux.

The player is then able to learn a new skill and new magic by visiting the Prometheus statues and other temples. This is also achieved through the use of different equipment that is found in the game world.

The Gameplay

This video game makes use of a turn-based system of battling, and in the battle, the player and his opponents are usually positions on a column of five and a row-grid of two.

At the front row, the characters are allowed to perform some powerful melee attacks, and in the back row, there are some arranged attacks that can be magical spells or bows.

The most important part of the game is the ability to power up the offensive skills and spells through completing the small puzzles which require you to input commands on the touch screen. As a player, you must learn new magic and skills.

Magic can be sourced by Ether, and each spell does add or subtract the total amount from the ether. Ether also restores at the end of each turn of combat and the end of the battles.

In case there is sufficient ether for a spell then the difference is deducted by the characters HP, which is known as the Ether Reflux.

The Game Plot

As mentioned earlier, the game takes place in Ancient Greece and some parts of the Mediterranean region.

This is mostly drawn heavily from the Greek methodology. As a player, you assume the role of the protagonist that we mentioned above – an immortal boy with no memory.

Throughout the game, you will be introduced to mythological figures such as Achilles.

Also, the Taphus, which is an invention that was designed by Daedalus is a recurring plot device that was punished by Zeus because of extracting the Ether out of the world.

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Video games have certainly evolved from the beep, beep of Mario Brothers in the 80s. Glory of Heracles is certainly no mushroom-jumping game, you’ve got to learn about the Gods, and find the truth of your existence.