Grab a Friend and Try Out the Skyrim Together Mod

Skyrim Together is the largest Elder Scroll mod community in the world, it was released in early 2019. The mod is based on the hugely popular fantasy game that allows players to play together.  

The mod offers a wide range of options that allow players to modify certain aspects of the game. You can easily tinker with the game’s difficulty levels and enhance other gameplay aspects. 

It also offers full-fledged multiplayer functionality. This easily meant that friends who share the same passion of playing Skyrim can now enjoy the game together. Players can now do quests and dungeon runs that were only available in single-player mode before.

Grab a Friend and Try Out the Skyrim Together Mod
Image Source: Polygon

A Brief History

Ever since the game was released, players were clamoring to find a way to enjoy the game with friends. It was not until a few years ago that several players began to create mods around the game.

Back when it was just gaining popularity, it was very difficult to create such a mod. it demanded hours and hours of programming. It also heavily relied on the use of third party programs. 


This meant that only those with a game development background could enjoy the mod.

It was around 2017 when things changed. The mod was further developed and began to show promise as a great multiplayer platform. Skyrim together has been regularly developed and things are now a lot easier. 

In January of 2019, closed beta was announced. It offered a very user-friendly interface and soon enough, more and more people were able to do a full multiplayer.

How It Works

Skyrim Together was birthed because players wanted to play a game together with friends. Doing quests, run around an open world, fight dragons, or simply dueling with another player can now be done in this mod.

Players typically log in to the server and do almost anything they want within the game. One can create armors, scenarios, and quests for friends to try. 

You can even do a dungeon run with the game and experience a high-level difficulty to make it challenging. It is simply playing Skyrim but this time, you are playing it with friends.

Improvements Over the Years

Previously, you could only play on one server. You now have a wide variety of public servers to choose from. You can also play together with friends through a private server if you have the proper IP address. 

While the mod allows a limit of eight players, improvements have been made to make the play better. The servers can hold this number of players without having to deal with crashes. 

Gone are the days when you have to deal with issues revolving around the server not being able to handle all players at once.

Grab a Friend and Try Out the Skyrim Together Mod
Image Source: Den of Geek

Overall Game Experience

As a game originally made for a single-player experience, it would have been very easy to run a dungeon together with friends. Mods previously increased the spawn rate of enemies to make it challenging. 

It was later changed and saw an increase in the difficulty of the mobs instead. Bosses will scale up depending on the number of players involved in the game.

You can now engage in quests with friends. Player versus player or PVP is also activated and players can even loot items from others when killed.


With updates coming every month, you can expect more things to happen with Skyrim Together. The fact that parts of the mod have been open-sourced means some changes will be happening.  

Most video games get even better when you can play them with friends and that is the case with Skyrim. You can jump right in and have a fun experience playing the multiplayer facet called Skyrim Together.