Fable: Tips and How to Play

If you love action and role-playing, then you must have gotten your feet wet in the Fable series. Fable takes place in the nation of Albion and you take on the role of an orphaned boy who wants to be a hero. 

Now, that’s just the beginning of it all as the games get more and more complicated as you move along. You encounter all sorts of things from fairies to frogs, and you’ve got to learn how to deal with them all. 

It can be confusing figuring out how to tackle the game. And so we dived deep into the Fable series and discovered some tips and tricks you can use to succeed. Those tips are up next. 

Fable: Tips and How to Play
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No Limit on Items to Carry

The first worry for most players and this is for all games, is the number of items you can carry. With this game, there is no limitation on the number of items that one can carry. If you have the money, get as many items as you can get.

But you need to be prudent about what you look to get with your cash. For example, you need to buy at least 50 health potions. This will definitely come in handy ahead. You also need to have 50 pieces of pies, apples, meat among others.


Don’t Miss Keys

If there’s a part of the game that most people don’t take under great consideration are the keys. These are some of the major pick up items that you can’t afford to miss out on. 

You need to check out the water next to the battleground – this is the one where you face thunder and marry Lady Grey.

Wait for the Door to Close

When you get to a house, you need to ensure that everyone is in the house and the door is locked. Just wait outside the door and ensure that you are out of visible range from any eyes. When they are all in, break down the door with your weapon

Once you’re inside, you need to kill everyone that’s in the house. You need to also ensure that no one survives your onslaught. You can stand beside the door and kill everyone trying to run out. If they make it out they’ll go to the guards.

Buy Crunchy Chicks

When you get the chance to, buy the crunchy chicks. There are times when you’ll have to be a bit evil to ensure that you swallow the chickens alive. This is usually when there is a demon at the door who asks you to do something evil like eating a bunch of chickens live.

Try Not To Miss Any Achievement

You then need to try and not miss out on any achievement when you play. This can only be done when you go through every round and finish it. you can finish every round in the arena, or use an age potion when your multiplier is at 20.

Generally, there isn’t much that you can miss out on when you play the game when it comes to achievement so, don’t miss out.

Fable: Tips and How to Play
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The Bow is Overpowered

If you’re looking for a tool that you can use in every situation then the bow should be your best weapon. It can be used for almost anything you wish. Plus, you don’t need additional ammo to be able to use the bow.

It also has the ability to attack targets that regular abilities can’t even touch. The other reason why you need to use the bow is that it is reliable when you are aiming. Lastly, not too many enemies can block attacks from arrows.


When playing any game, you need the right tips to help you stay ahead of the competition. With the tricks above, you can get your house as early as possible in Fable and become the hero you aim to be.