The 3 Best Mortal Kombat Games

If you’re a fan of video games, you probably have seen many games get established and evolve over the years. You can name a few but one of the best is Mortal Kombat. And from as early as 1992, the game has come a long way from poor graphics to modern-day tech.

There are a number of combinations that you can use to beat your opponents but you have to perform each move quickly in order to take the win. And since the early years of the game, the developers have developed a series of the game to suit different demands by fans.

To learn more about Mortal Kombat and how far the game has come over the years, you should read on. Info on the number of series that have come up over the years can also be found here. The three best games in Mortal Kombat and what makes them stand out is next.

The 3 Best Mortal Kombat Games
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Mortal Kombat

As stated before, the first time Mortal Kombat was introduced to the world by the developers is way back in 1992. It’s among the first video games that were ever seen as the digital world was stating it’s claimed in the world. The first production of the game was all about having the strongest fighter in the pool.

It’s the first fight game that introduced a secret fighter version. The fighter was only released once a player met certain requirements through the game like fighting and beating all the fighters in the pool of fighters. 


The secret fighter was almost impossible to beat in the game with speed, strength, and ability to match any opponent they would come across.

The 3 Best Mortal Kombat Games

There are a number of games in the Mortal Kombat series around 14 or more than you can actually play. Most of them are pretty terrible and you can only play a few of them and three of the best are.

Mortal Kombat 11

The latest release of the game series is Mortal Kombat 11 which was released in 2019 and by far to date, the best of the series here. With up-to-date graphics, unlike the previous versions, this is the first area which this game stands out in. You have a storyline with this game and not just endless combat.

The other part that makes this game stand out is the availability of online multiplayer mode. And what you want to watch out for is the opponents looking to punish your mistakes. Unlike the previous versions where you’d use combos and strength, here, you have to be cunning and tactful.

Mortal Kombat (2011)

In 2011, there was a revelation to this game series as something new happened with the developer incorporating both the new and lifelong audience. The new visuals were enough to convince the new generation that it was a good enough game. And the old players would also go on to enjoy the upgrade on their beloved game.

This was the first game in this series that introduced a story mode for the game. This was where the 2D fighting planes were first seen with the game. This was the 9th game released in the series of Mortal Kombat and it totally revolutionized the idea of the game.

Mortal Kombat X

Another game that certainly stands out in this series is the X series of the game. This game somehow managed to bring the stardom factor back to the series that wasn’t seen since the game’s first release in the 90s. The introduction of new fighters who’d make you switch your original fighter certainly made the game more appealing. 

Though the story with this game isn’t probably told as well as you’d have expected as the previous two series, it’s about the characters here. 

The 3 Best Mortal Kombat Games
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How To Access The Game

This game is available across all the platforms that you can imagine from game consoles, all of them to PCs. And since mobile phones are also taking over the gaming world, you have this game on Android and iOS devices.


One of the games that has thus far remained relevant in the gaming world is Mortal Kombat. With a number of series over the years from the early 90s, the fan base has steadily grown and continues to grow to this day.