Best Rooting Apps to Root Android Phones {Latest Apps}

Best Rooting Apps: Earlier at the time of using smartphones rooting was unavailable but today it plays the major role by controlling and providing the advanced features. Also for making the customization options, it became difficult for the user. But today it is entirely different and people started coming up with introducing advanced features.

Most of the companies introduced the app for rooting android phone concept namely routing for stock Android. Some of them became more popular as well as top root apps all over the world.  So that the entirely new level of control along with various customization options have been provided.

Best Rooting Apps
Best 5 Rooting Apps for Android with High Root Success Rate

Once if the user started rooting the Android device, can easily go to the next level by using a certain app for root android phone that runs only on the rooted Android devices. So we are providing the best rooting apps for Android devices in this article. All are best apps for rooting android device.

Best Apps to Root your Android with or without Computer PC

We are here to provide the best root applications for Android and that was entirely supported by the various rooted Android devices. One can access and download for rooted apps apk for free from the link provided below. If you have owned the new unrooted Android device, then one can root without involving PC. Check the following apps now.

SuperSU Pro Root App

The SuperSU is one of the best rooting apps and acts as a guardian for smartphones. This helps you in providing the permissions and ensuring that do not go beyond the boundaries. Also, it ensures that malicious apps do not have the admin level access for all levels present in the device. Also, it has a provision of providing trusted apps dealing with their activities and works ultimately. In general, rooting apps have only one disadvantage related to security. But here this app genuinely provides the complete security for the Android phone.


root installer for android

Once the installation process gets completed, has to receive the pop-up to grant the permissions. This generally refers to the ability to access all the root levels of Android. One can choose to grant access for a few apps. It makes the process easier. This is because SuperSU has come up with the Superuser access management tool of the future. We are here to provide the download link and can access by installing for free.

Vroot Software

Vroot is one of the best root apps and most useful apps that enables the entire Android device and helps in gaining administrative control. One can also make changes to the system settings. If the user likes to gain the root access, then Vroot is best suitable to it. This has an option of taking control of the entire Android device and will add the favorite apps into it. Vroot again is very simple and easy to understand and consist of the one-click rooting process, best user interface.

device rooter application

Most of the apps are unable to download on an Android phone is because it consists of system restrictions and can be unrestricted once the user adds or grant permission to the device. The rooting enables to become or act as the administrator. It makes some changes in system settings without any difficulties. We here provide you with the link related to the latest Vroot apk. Download for free and access it without any failure.

TunesGo Root

TunesGo is one of the simple and best Android rooting tool and can connect in such a way, finding the Android root and click it. This Android root mobile first helps to analyze the entire device and select the Android root plan automatically. This does not lead to data loss or also excludes complete issues.

best android rooting software

One has to make sure whether they have connected the device to the system with the help of data cable, then try to find out and choose the one-click Android root present in the toolbox. Click on it to root the entire device. So that it is successfully rooted. Download the latest app from the below link and follow a few clicks to get downloaded successfully.


iRoot is one of the simplest and android root apps which is very much suitable for both tablets as well as Android smartphone. Recently, this has released the iRoot windows application and used by various people that help in rooting the Android device.

app for root android

iRoot Android app has certain features likewise easy rooting, providing the app permissions, internet connection is necessary excluding both king root and trauma root, also there is no worry about the data loss. We are here to provide the link mentioned below. Do a few clicks and install without any failure.

kingoapp Root

Kingoapp root is very much similar to the Vroot, it is highly rated kingoapp and also one of the app for rooting android available for various users. This helps in supporting all the Android versions available in the market. This works with all the different brands related to Android, tablets or any other devices. It also lets you tap and root the Android within a fraction of seconds. It works on infinite devices which have the different versions say 1.5 and 6.

app for rooting android phones

Every user follows the same process to root the device by clicking on the root button. Maximum users will unroot and root the device in the same way within a fraction of seconds. It does not possess any complexities or issues at the time of usage. At the time of installation, one will get the pop-up showing installing Kingo app is dangerous. Because rooting the device is always high-risk.

Maximum users will unroot and root the device in the same way within a fraction of seconds. It does not possess any complexities or issues at the time of usage. At the time of installation, one will get the pop-up showing installing Kingo app is dangerous. Because rooting the device is always high-risk. But one can proceed with the installation process. The best part is it constitutes the simple user interface and the entire process takes only a few seconds. Download for free and access it from the below link provided in this tutorial.

Superuser Root App

The Superuser is one of the android root apps that provide the access management tool available for all the Android devices. Once after rooting the device should have an apk file to manage the superuser access for all the applications. This ultimately requires root permission. One definitely has to grant, prompt or deny the permission which is very much requested by certain applications likewise Titanium Backup, Greenify, Root Explorer and so on.

root tools for android phone

One definitely has to grant, prompt or deny the permission which is very much requested by certain applications likewise Titanium Backup, Greenify, Root Explorer and so on. It is integrated including the functional module that helps to uninstall the carrier or manufacturers, user applications and much more. The simple thing is to download from the below link available in the tutorial and access for free.

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SRSRoot Software

The SRSRoot software is one of the amazing tools and must have root apps that enables complete control over the certain functions available for any of the Android devices. This is very much similar to the rooting the device excluding the flash. It is specially designed for all the smartphones and very much easy to access as well as providing the solution for rooting. This is because the software constitutes to earn the root access present on the device.

root android with pc

It has the one-click around the navigation. Maximum people will get the benefits related to the software supporting all the versions available in the market. The most important point to be noted as the user has to change the name of the apk file. This is safe and 100{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} secure available from our free tutorial. You can simply download and access it anytime.

Framaroot App

The Framaroot is one of the best apps for rooted android available to root the Android phone in a perfect way. Maximum users are started preferring the Framaroot as it is just one click process. This can root any of the Android devices with one click excluding the PC. Recently, developers have come up with the latest version which includes in unrooting the device in one click. Also, void the warranty of the smartphone or tablet.

best rooting software

Also, void the warranty of the smartphone or tablet. It consists of certain features say one click root application, one can root excluding the PC, easy installation of Supersu and much more. The user might face the problem as the app gets crashed. At those times, one has to uninstall and reinstall without any doubt. Download the latest Framaroot from the below link and access to it to a greater extent.


The KingRoot is again the best-rooted apps apk helps and lets you root the Android device in a fraction of seconds. This is very much similar to the towel root. Even though the app is available in Chinese, click on the blue button mentioned and wait for some time. A few seconds later, the application finishes the working process and have rooted the device successfully.

app for root android phone


The most important feature works on all the devices. This is finally considered as the best way to root the Smartphones and make a point as it is a very much delicate process. Do follow carefully and can enjoy the experience in a greater way. We here provide you with the updated version from the below link and access it.

Baidu Root

The Baidu Root is one of the best android root apps developed by Baidu Inc. One can root the phone or tablet excluding the PC. This is very much free, secure and 100{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} working app available for all the Android users. It mainly supports the Android OS and by using such application, one can delete or reset the apps, providing the storage space, memory management, check or verify permissions and so on.

android root apps

This is the best one provided and available in the market. The developer has been added the ultimate features for an Android app but unavailable for PC or windows. Make a look at the below link and install for free available in our tutorial. You can access it anywhere and anytime once after finishing the installation process.

Ping Pong Root

The Ping pong root is again one of the best-rooted apps and possesses the greater advantage as can restore the device to factory condition and does not have any kind of clue for rooting the device and provides the security from voiding the warranty of your device.

one click root apps

Download from the below link which we provided in our tutorial. One can access it for free and install without any issues.

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One Click Root

The One click generally enable you to root the device on your own and can be high-risk. This requires some technical knowledge and developers have come up with the software solution whi9ch is a quick and safe tool available for most of the Android devices. With the help of this application, any of the individuals can access and root the Android device by unlocking the entire benefits without any deny. This is very simple and easy to use.

android rooting software

This software is one of the apps for rooting android phone has become most popular day by day including most advanced features without any failure. They started adding new rootable Android devices in order to make the software used as much as the user can do it. The very simple thing is to learn and access some technical knowledge and install for free from the link provided below. Access it precisely with no issues involved in it.


The CF-Auto-Root is one among the apps for rooted android phone provided especially for the rooting beginners. This is designed in such a way of combining with the Samsung firmware. This simple installs and enables the SuperSU. Each and every app requires some privileges and one can also grant or deny the permission whenever you require. The user can also restore or recover the lost data available on Smartphones. One has to definitely learn the process of rooting is important.

android root software

In most of the cases, users are looking for the third party tools say KingRoot, iRoot, Root Genious and much more. The most important features that provide are consists of fast boot flashable devices, rooting the Android devices excluding PC, it is compatible with all the different Android devices, very simple easy to access and so on. Download the latest version from the link provided below and access it anytime and anywhere.

Root Genius

The Root Genius is one of the best top root apps and simple Android application available for all the users in an effective way. Any of the individuals can root the smartphone or tablet and access the root needed applications for Android device. This provides a simple and easy way to root in a definite way. One can consider as it is 100{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} working as well as a free Android application available in the market.

android root software for pc

Root Genius consists of the perfect features such as one-click root, provides the simple UI, supports all the various versions of Android devices, Nowhere one can use or enable the internet connection, also excludes the PC and much more. Get Root Genius from our tutorial by making a look at the below link provided and access for free.

Wondershare Mobilego(pc)

The Wondershare Mobilego is one among best root applications for android designed by Wondershare software co., and consist of frequently used file names for certain programs. The anti-virus provided scanned the download precisely and rated as virus free. And the latest version can be downloaded in PC. This program lies within the system utilities and so on. This is because, one can download, manage, import as well as export the music, photos, videos, backup, restore and much more. These are completely possible with the Mobilego.

best rooting apps android

It is one of the best toolkits helps in optimizing, managing the smartphone essentials. This can provide the backup as well as restore the confidential data, rooting the device, easily accessing or recovering the lost files or data, can erase the smartphone to protect the privacy. This is the best and ultimate app in providing the best features. One can download for free and access to it.

Unlock Root Software

Unlock Root is one of the well known and app for root android in the entire Android community. This helps in unlocking about 250 different Android devices from every manufacturer point of view. Once you request, one can root without any failure.

Unlock Root Software

After the download process, one can connect to the smartphone, run the program, unlock to grant the root access for the phone in a fraction of minutes. The only problem is the owner will always try to grab the code on their own. The user can download from the below link and access to it anywhere and anytime.


Finally, we have come up with the best rooting apps for Android devices available in the market. Download the app followed by few clicks and install for free excluding all the troubleshooting issues. If you have any doubt raised or face any issue at the time of the downloading process, comment on the below section. One can access the current tutorial for free anywhere and anytime. Feel free to share the article with friends and families at social media networks. Stay tuned to Trickism for more awesome articles.