7 Best Spotify Alternatives for Music Streaming

Spotify Alternatives: Spotify is the best and most useful music streaming app in which we can listen to music. Also, you can see millions of songs from all over the world from the topmost albums, Genres, Artists and Different categories. This app is very popular and it is very useful to the people who are music lovers. We can stream more songs on the go.

But, the only problem with this app is it has a paid version which will give unlimited streaming. For this, we have to pay money. So here the question arises that there are any apps which are free to use and gives unlimited music streaming like Spotify. If you are one of them, then these are the Best Spotify alternatives for Free. Here is the top list of free apps like Spotify.

Best Spotify Alternatives
Best Spotify Alternatives to Stream Free Music

The following are the alternatives to Spotify and we can choose an alternative from the below. We have given the details about the app in which we can get the best alternatives for sites like Spotify. Read the below Spotify alternatives and choose your favorite one and try it. Also, please don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Alternatives to Spotify – Spotify alternatives

The following are the best alternatives to Spotify and also the Spotify alternatives in which you can get the best Spotify alternative from Below. There are many other apps which have similar features like Spotify. Some People who need Omegle Alternatives can check here sites like Omegle chat. So, today we are going to know about all the apps like Spotify. Select one of the apps from the below list and download it.

Deezer Music 

Deezer is the best Streaming app in which we can access the millions of tunes just like the Spotify. This is available on all devices like PC and Mobile. This app is available for all the users, this is the most useful app for the music lovers who want and similar app like Spotify. But, it also had a paid version, through which we can get unlocked all the features of the app.


better than spotify

This app generally had two paid versions, $4.99 and $6.99 respectively. Both have different features, like unlimited music and unlimited online streaming etc. We can trust this app because this is available in 100+ countries and also it gives us the live streaming of programs available in Canada.


Last.fm, its name implies that it is associated with the radio. yes, this is the best streaming radio station. You can listen to any radio station of any frequency in which we can only listen. But in this app, we cannot create any custom playlists as we do in Spotify.


alternatives to spotify

But, you can like or dislike a channel and also you can choose artists you want to listen. For music listeners, this app will give great music quality and nice selected music channels. But the only thing is this app is annoying ads. But still, we can get rid of these by paying $3 per month to subscribe ad-free version.

Pandora Radio

Pandora is also the same app like Spotify. This is an Online radio streaming site similar to last.fm. But the only difference is that this app will allow you to create your own playlists. You can also skip some songs, but there will be limited skips on an hourly basis. This Pandora has a huge library which contains almost 1 million songs in which we can choose and play any song at the moment.

best streaming music service

Here, you can also able to listen to the radio via the website and if you don’t have a PC then download the mobile app and enjoy. Same as the above-given app, it also contains the advertisements and for the ad-free service to this app, you can pay $4 a month. You can listen to the songs from your devices or through the web browser on your computer, there is no desktop version.


Stereomood works a little differently than other streaming music sites. It suggests music for you based on your mood. So you say “I feel sad”, then you’ll get a playlist of designated sad songs. It isn’t as good for customization as some of the other streaming sites, as it is all pre-set playlists.

spotify high quality streaming like apps

But you can tag songs that you think fits certain moods. The program keeps track of the moods that you enter and every week, you can look at your mood tally. Stereomood’s iOS app is also linked to iTunes and gives you an option to buy the songs that you like on iTunes. Stereomood is free to listen to and has no ads.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Google’s entry into the streaming market. This is available on your mobile device or through the browser on your computer. Google Play has music of almost 20 million libraries and boasts high sound quality.

best music streaming service

Unlike many of the other streaming options, Google Play also allows you to listen to music for free. Google Play allows you to search for songs and build customized playlists and there is also a feature to build playlists based on your listening history. Some listeners find the interface can be a bit confusing at times.

TuneIn Radio

This app is unique from the other music streaming services mentioned above. Tunein radio is a radio streaming app allowing us to discover new music and get all our content right away, too. Instead of offering curated playlists, this will give access to all popular radio stations from all over the world.

apps like spotify free music app

So, this TuneIn radio is the best Online radio streaming app. Which will allow you to get different radio and music streaming services for free. Enjoy using this Spotify Alternative site and explore to unlimited music right away.


SoundCloud is perhaps the best Spotify alternative out there when it comes to discovering new music. Since it has an excellent social aspect allowing budding musicians to upload their own content and giving you the fan exclusive access to it.

apps like spotify

It’s also free, which is what sets it apart from another service on the list. Though, there is a lot of content you might not appreciate, such as remixes and stuff.


That’s all for the day guys, the above given are the best alternatives for the Spotify Music app. Please comment below about what features of the above-given alternative interested you. Also, try out all these alternatives once and see what are the great music collections the app contains. So, hope you guys enjoy these apps so much and also please share your views with us in the comment section provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting Trickism for more updates.

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