How to Know Train Running Status: Live Train Status to Spot

Train running status: Time is very much precious!!! It is meant for all the traveling passengers available on day-to-day life. Boarding to the station, standing out in a line to book a ticket at the counter, knowing the availability of trains at the station, learning the details of arrival time/departing time/ delays if any at the respective counter were lasts forever.

All these had become easy with the introduction of train running status provided online. Due to the innovations and advancement of technology, it is possible. Now, any passenger can learn related to the query like where is my train and live train status from the home itself saving all the valuable time.

How to Know Train Running Status
How to Know Train Running Status

Whenever the beloved one or the well-wisher ties to identify the current status of the train, can choose this process. As a result, it delivers the information from the train depart at the source station to the arrival at the destination through GPS successfully.

Different Methods to Learn Live Train Running Status

Before going into the process involved in it, how exactly live train running status help a single user and what it means? It is all about the system created to all the  Indian Railways Passengers for making paperwork more faster and easier. This accurately helps to know the status and spot the train without any fail.



Arrival time, departing, the next upcoming train, current location, and all other information were provided systematic with no hesitation. Look forward to learning the process provided step by step accordingly. All these clear out the queries if any in a single instance.

Learn Train Running Status at the Current Station

Before the apps or sites get introduced, there is only a single chance to found out where is my train and how about the current status. It is the simple process underwent provided here in simple steps.

  • Enter into the respective Railway station.
  • Looking forward to the details like arrival time/departing time/ delays of a specific train provided on boards respectively.
  • Following accordingly and get in to continue all our journey.

This takes a lot of time and unknowingly, passengers get vexed up on waiting for the arrival of the train. Admiring the present technology introduces various sites and apps to learn the Train running status at the doorstep.

If the user picks such a process, no need to wait for long lasting hours. Simply get the log on, learn the status and catch the train accordingly. Ultimately, it saves all the user’s valuable time.

How to Get Train Running Status On System


  • Enter the train number/name in the provided rectangular box and click on the find train. For example 12101 – MUMBAI LTT – HOWRAH Jnaneswari Super Deluxe SF Exp.


  • So, the user can easily find the train running status appearing on the screen. Details like where are my train, arrival, depart, the train is lying between which two stations, whether it is running as per the schedule or any delay were provided.


  • In order to view the full Train running status, click on it.


  • Usually, the status can be found either through mobile/ desktop or tablet without any fail.
  • It is compatible enough supporting all the different devices and no more getting engaged on phones or standing out in the line at the respective counter.
  • As a result, both the time of arrival and departure were greatly updated real-time, reflects the same in a perfect way. Through this, one can successfully figure out when exactly the train arrives or depart from the respective station.

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The process to Know Train Live Running Status On Mobile

Well, there is an app called Live train status supported by the Android operating system. It is the fastest, the simple and very light-weight application used to find complete information about Indian Railways. It is the app designed including 14 different features related to the live train status respectively.


Live train status, seat availability, PNR status, train between stations, schedule, fair inquiry, current bookings, canceled, rescheduled, seat map, identifying much more in a better understandable format. As a result, download the app right now and make use of it accordingly. For the steps to be followed, get here and access right now with no waste of time. 

Meanwhile, when you are traveling in the train you can use these Apps That Makes Pictures Look Like Cartoons Character or 2 player games to play with friends for time pass.

Points to Remember

Live Train Status mean, finding out the exact location of a particular train and respective delay status. Also, the chart includes the estimated arrival of the train irrespective of the station. Here are a few points to be taken into consideration.

  • Last reported station, on the basis of the current live train running status whether it is departed or crossed other. And also determining either a stop or intermediate station.
  • The Estimated time of arrival is provided especially when the traveler is expected there for the successful board in.
  • Usually, more than 80{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} of trains arrive within/less or greater than the absolute time from the arriving/depature/ crossing the respective station. Remaining {aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} ranges between or takes more time in order to arrive turning into an hourly delay.
  • Recover time is another most important factor in which every train do.
  • Running status is going to be very much absolute and accurate enough.
  • Trains at the last stop might be or might not get a delay.
  • Updations are very much done on the basis of regular intervals. It is completely based on the estimated time of arrival.
  • One can cross check the train live running status on mobile, conveying the exact location of train and delay status if any.

Final Words

For more details or to get the absolute live train status, drop down in the followed comment box. We reach you in short and give you the basic information related to it. Also, for the doubts related to the process or any, can contact us. If you like the article, share with your friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay in touch with trickism for more updates.