Best Emoji Apps For Android/iPhone That Express Your Feeling

Best emoji apps: Most of the users love to chat either through social networking sites or the simple messaging app.  People express all their emotions by sending or receiving a simple emoji. Seeing that, any people can get an idea of how the exact person’s mood carried out.

Day by day, when you notice, there is a greater improvement in designing emoji and can play with it expressing all your feelings respectively. All the users love and get easily attracted with stickers greatly. Keeping all this aside, while coming to the iphone, there are variously explored into the market.

best emoji apps

Few were available free of cost and a few might costs. Here and now, let’s go through few emoji which were best apart comparatively. Playing with emojis will wash out our stress completely and built entertainment among yourselves.

Best Emoji Apps For Android/iPhone

Well!!! Emoji might be a simple sticker but explains our emotions greatly.  Rather than words, people underwent these emoji’s to explain their emotion accordingly. We have come with a few best emoji apps in a clear and better understanding format.


These were supported by both iOS and Android operating system. Keeping this aside, if you like to look forward related to the Top 360 degree camera apps, try out with no second thought. Now, we go about each and every emoji app in detail.

  • Keymoji
  • Fairy Tale Emoji
  • Bitmoji
  • Giphy
  • SMS Rage Faces
  • Gboard
  • Swiftkey Keyboard

These are the 7 best emoji apps which you can use right now in your mobile phones. Lets check them out.



Keymoji is usually supported by both Android and iOS without fail. The absolute or amazing feature it has is performance optimizations and fixes all types of errors if any. It is colorful and considered as elegant chosen by various individuals.

This matches the words with an exact emoji so that can explain with it rather than explaining in terms of words. Moreover, consists of different themes, excellent fonts and much more. Auto-correction is also possible with it. Available for free.

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Fairy Tale Emoji


Fairy Tale app is an excellent supported by both Android and iOS respectively. One can input this either in the form of text, email, note, message, and chat with different interesting social apps. While you notice, a lot of excitement is undergone accordingly.

Consists of smart emoji prediction, text facing, and much more filled with various wonderful features. Can be resized and split. Cut, copy, paste and arrow key was included in it. This is highly rated and preferred by various individuals in today’s world scenario.

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Bitmoji is considered one of the personal emoji chosen by tons of individuals. It usually creates an automatic cartoon avatar. Fixes all type of bugs and greater improvements were done. It is integrated with multiple apps. This is most suitable for snapchat.

Users who love to access and chat through Snapchat can make use of bitmoji greatly. It is highly rated and has 2-person Bitmoji. One can make fun greatly and make use of it irrespective of time.

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Giphy is one of the best emoji apps supported by both iOS and Android operating system. It completely shares all the GIFs irrespective of the app. Helps in searching various memes, reactions and much more without any fail. Also, has one of the best features of creating your own GIF on your device respectively.

From Game of Thrones to Hunger Games, turn up the whole world related to pop culture. Moreover, the option like copy and save for later is also available acting as a user-friendly application. As a result, try this wonderful application to add a bit more entertainment among yourselves.

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SMS Rage Faces


SMS Rage Faces is again one among best emoji apps supported by both iOS and Android operating system. Designed including various raged faces, camera booth stickers available free of cost. In other words, helps you to troll or send the rage faces from the messenger.

Highly rated and greatly used by millions of users. Moreover, imports your own face and memes for the quick use. Has an option to select the color of the font and style respectively. The application is updated for every regular interval. And introduces more memes and rage faces without any failure to create greater interest among all the users.

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Similar to various apps, it is a keyboard app from the Google-supported by both iOS and Android operating system. Designed with the features including speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, in-built search bar and much more grasping the interest of all the users.

Errors in the Greek Layout were fixed if any. Switching from one language to another is not done through this app. It itself auto correct and suggest from any of the languages.  But greatly translates when you type very well.

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Swiftkey Keyboard


Swiftkey keyboard is one of the most familiar among various emoji apps that work on all phones respectively. Types very much faster, translatable that means convertible from one language to another very well. The central toolbar it has offers an expandable menu filled with various shortcuts respectively.

Auto-correction is very much possible. Colorful themes were applicable. Supports 300+ languages and help various individuals without any bug. Download swiftkey today and get started wonderfully.

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While if you are interested in the top or best AI Apps supported by iOS/ Android, try out these that help you in a more successful way. For more information related to best emoji apps and any, can contact us so that we help you in short.


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