Start Saving For This Emerging Technology

The word ‘technology’ is described as the ‘application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes‘ and, in many ways, this is true. Due to the advent and development of technology, people today are living safer and happier lives. 

The first form of technology you head for when you need anything is your mobile phone. From that device you can find all the answers you need and connect with organizations that can deliver what you need. 

If anyone were to ask you if technology has changed your life, the response would be the same for all of us – YES. Technology is forever evolving. Let’s look at other emerging technologies that are about to be launched soon.

Start Saving For This Emerging Technology
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Electric Cars

2021 is not just about futuristic autonomous cars when it comes to driving; it is expected to be a year in which we will have more hybrid vehicles as well. 

As part of its effort to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine, Volvo, which already intends to get an autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021, expects to launch five new all-electric cars by the same year. 


According to Jalopnik, the technology will be included in Volvo’s next generation of XC90 SUVs— and it will achieve what is known as Level 4 autonomy, meaning the cars would work in most driving conditions safely and without the need for human assistance. 

The system would cost as a premium add-on to the car and somewhere in the range of four figures in US dollars. The XC90 is currently priced at $50,850, as per Volvo’s site.

Start Saving For This Emerging Technology
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Lab-Grown Chicken

Chicken raised in a laboratory sounds impossible, but it could be here in a couple of years. And because it doesn’t require harming any chickens, it can lead to chicken nuggets that even the most devoted animal lover can enjoy. 

Memphis Meats plans to market its laboratory-raised, animal-free chicken by 2021 – a goal that is already on its way being achieved. Memphis claims it has produced pieces of  pseudo-chicken in its laboratory already. 

Memphis Meats is only one of the companies seeking to develop meat that can be processed without animals being raised and killed. 

Nonetheless, there are still a host of things to sort out, including how the food will taste, how quickly it can be made, and its cost. For now, Memphis Meats reports, it costs around $2,500 per pound to process its chicken.

Male Birth Control

A company named Contraline has reportedly been working to bring a type of reversible male birth control to the market that does not require surgery.  

Contraline says it has come up with a “polymer hydrogel” that can be inserted in the vas deferens, with the aid of ultrasound in just a few minutes. It is intended to prevent sperm passage for years. 

It revealed in April that it had raised $2.5 million towards its target and plans to release the product on the market by 2021. The company has still not released any details about its cost, though.

Start Saving For This Emerging Technology
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Space Tourism

A more convenient space travel mode for non-space professionals can be expected soon with NASA’s partnership with space aviation agencies for commercially-designed space agencies. 

Researches in the inter-galactic space and space flight experiments have given non-astronauts hope for putting their feet in space. Travelers will be expected to sign an informed consent agreement before signing up.

The space exploration enterprise of Elon Musk, SpaceX, provides a seat to fly to space at a whopping $20 million per seat. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic sends you into space at a relatively lower fee of USD 250,000.


Technology has impacted all facets of life, including health, communications, environment, education, government, and others. 

We’re on the verge of several more evolving technologies that, in the coming years, will take us by storm. For all of us, there is an exciting journey ahead.