How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire is an action-adventure game played in the third-person perspective online The game involves up to 50 players dropping out of a parachute on an island searching for weapons and equipment to kill the other players. 

In-game objects like arms, skins, characters, and costumes may be purchased with Free Fire diamonds. In the Garena Battle of the Royal, the most common way to acquire diamonds is by buying them. 


But some free alternatives are also available. This is what you need to know about Free Fire diamonds. Read this article to learn how to get free diamonds and gold!

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire
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Top Up 

In the game, players can go to the top-up section and buy the number of diamonds that they have with real money.


At any given time, players can buy at least 100 diamonds for $0.99 or at most, 5600 diamonds for $49.99. Players receive their first diamond upgrade through a rewards program. 

Weekly Offers

Each week, special packages offer players a range of articles at reduced rates like royal weapons vouchers and diamonds.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Get Free Gold and Free Diamond

We strongly encourage you to become a member if you want to play Garena Free Fire over a long time and get a lot of diamonds. 

The kind of membership you buy probably depends on your requirements. You can purchase weekly memberships if you do not really need that many diamonds. Or we recommend the monthly membership if you want to invest in a lot of diamonds. 

It costs about the same as four weekly memberships and offers a 30-day beauty treatment. You will be expected to pay $15.95 for the S-VIP premium membership. That’s almost 3500 diamonds a month and you’re paying half of what you would if you bought the diamonds individually. 

Diamonds should be bought, and no hacking or illicit method is used to acquire free diamonds or win matches. This would wreck the player’s and other community players’ game-play experience.

Purchasing of Diamonds in Free Fire

In Free Fire, a player has several ways to purchase diamonds. Diamonds with amounts ranging from 100 to 5,600 can be bought from the top-up section. The Weekly Offers section gives diamonds as well at a reduced price combination of vouchers. 

The membership section is the way to go if a player is interested in buying diamonds regularly. Upgrading to Elite Pass gives you thousands of additional diamonds and a range of extra perks, including new competitions and increasing the regular gold limit. 

Sometimes free or exclusive diamond deals will be offered for in-game events if the player participates.

How to Download Free Fire

This game is free for the players to download and enjoy, as described below.

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your device.
  • Search “Garena Free Fire” or just “Free Fire” in the search bar.
  • Click on the first result from the list and then tap on the Install button.
  • The game begins immediately downloading. The installation kit is about 500 MB in size.
  • This takes about 2-3 minutes after the installation is done, depending on the system speed.
How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire
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The most downloaded game in 2019 was Free Fire, which also received the Most Popular Video Game title. The best thing about Free Fire, relative to the other Battle Royale titles, is that it doesn’t take up much space on your device. 

So you can get to growing your diamond collection through the ways we mention above while adventuring from wherever you are.