How to Find Deals with the Ebay App

Before online shopping was even a thing, eBay was the eCommerce King. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lost its charm only just because all the other highly-experienced shopping sites have come on the scene.

Actually, on an average day, eBay now has over 1 billion listings on its website, and it has plenty of buyer resources to ensure that you find the perfect deal on whatever it is you are searching for. 

You can now carry eBay anywhere you go because of its app. It makes it easy for you to list and find almost everything you want. Read on to learn more about the eBay app.

How to Find Deals with the Ebay App
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What Is eBay App?

The eBay mobile app makes creating, editing and monitoring your sales listings simple. You can also relist things and provide on-the-go tracking details. 

For both Android and iOS, the eBay app is available for free, so you can respond promptly to queries from bidders or buyers. 


At the top of the mobile screen, just below the search box, several categories of actions are displayed. Tapping the words shows you specific views as follows.

  • Categories: You can see your recently viewed items here, and you can see both your buying your selling overview by scrolling through your Watched Items list. In that category, there’s a link at the bottom of each section to “view all.”
  • Saved: Here you can find searches and sellers you have saved for reference purposes and also an area to place items you are interested in.
  • Deals: It displays the day’s special sales and deals and leads you to different products that eBay recommends you may want to buy based on your search history. You can swipe side-to-side in the Deals view to see distinct categories and highlighted specials within those areas of interest.
  • Selling: Sell is where you click to list an item for sale, in a typical eBay way. You also see your selling history and listing drafts that you started and have not finished yet.

Use the Barcode Scanner for Easy Uploads

A barcode scanner and product look-up function are also included in the eBay app. 

The eBay app enables you to scan the barcode and automatically pull in all the information about it as part of your listing if you have the original box for the product being sold. 

Once you scan, wait as the product appears on eBay at all varieties of prices from all types of sellers. Price checking for the best deal has never been easier.

How to Find Deals with the Ebay App
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Buying and Browsing On the eBay App

On the eBay app, you can search for items the same way you would on the web. On the app’s home screen, just type your keywords in the search bar and hit the Search button. 

To narrow down your search results, you can tap the Sort or Filter options. When filtering your results, for the following choices, click Customize.

  • Hide Sort & Filter – This will hide the blue filter button shown on the search results page.
  • Expand all filters – All available filters will always be shown.
  • Lockable filters – Choose which filter(s) you’d like to lock for future searches.

Tap Watch in the listing to add an item to your Watchlist as you make a decision. This helps you to look at an item that you are interested in without making some kind of bid or purchase on it at all.

Tap the My eBay menu and then tap Watching to view all the things on your Watchlist. Tap Add to Cart for things that you would like to purchase. Tap the shopping cart icon when you’re about to pay and proceed to the checkout. You’ll find all the things you bought in the Purchases.


Money-making apps like eBay have changed the way people can earn on their own time.  With the eBay app, you can buy, sell, or browse right from your phone.

The eBay app is available for free on iOS and Android and has a number of functions to keep track of your activities on eBay.