Best Apps For 2 Year Olds Available For Free

In today’s world, technology has been improvised a lot in different ways. Irrespective of the platform, we see multiple functionalities that perform greater tasks. Mobile phones play a vital role in every human life. There are tons of applications like best apps for 2 year olds available for free.

Among them, identifying the best ranking and useful app is a bit difficult. But not a big deal!!!! Selection of the app must be done on the basis of user reviews and ratings. While you start searching for the best app for 2 year olds, simply read the reviews and install it.

best apps for 2 year olds

If you have the child below or equal to two years, then have a look on below app lists. Let’s start accessing to make our babies smarter enough. Never forget to share these useful apps with your well-wisher as it might help them to the greater extent.

Best Apps For 2 Year Olds 

Here and now, let us consider all such useful apps to build or sharpen our kid’s mindset very well. Access right now, follow all the tips accordingly and help your kid to learn more faster rather than any other.

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  • Happy Valley Friends
  • Endless Reader
  • Homework
  • Metamorphabet
  • Kids Number and Math
  • The Going to Bed Book
  • Tongo Music

Happy Valley Friends

best apps for 1 year olds 2018

This app is supported by iPhone. Best to learn letters, numbers, math and also the shapes through this app. Most special feature it has is, will team up like friends and learn altogether in detail very fast. Perhaps, we provide the application most suitable to the respective app. The name might differ but the concept is the same.

Therefore, who were using Android, don’t get disappointed. Make use of the app that you get by clicking on the below Android download button. One can play 18 unique and different educational games and 6 unique games in a user-friendly environment. Highly rated and preferred by various individuals with no second thought. Let us start accessing this wonderful app right now and get learn in a very short and simple way.

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Endless Reader


This app mainly focuses on simple and easy words likewise go, house and in. All such animations help to teach new words that might difficult to explain like please and very. Also, the parents can unlock new words with the help of in-app purchases. Therefore, recognizing sight words has become one of the main advantages for all the beginners.

Each word it has maintains greater context and great usage with millions of endless monsters respectively. The only thing you have to keep in mind to maintain some amount of disk space while you run the app. Featured with beautiful animations, designed enough in keeping the kid’s mindset into consideration. Highly rated and preferred by various individuals very well.

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The myHomework might not be the fun app but very much helpful in learning and scheduling as per the lessons complete in their respective school. Parents can also set reminders, setting a plan for the exam revision and preparation, managing the work accordingly on time effectively are the few tasks.

Moreover, this is supported by the iOS and Android successful in preparing kids more smarter enough. It improves a lot of reliability, quick edit performed on homework additional information, fixing various bugs if any and much more very well. Improvised alot especially by considering user’s feedback without any fail.

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The Metamorphabet is one among the best vocabulary app accessed by various kids irrespective of age. Improves a lot of vocabulary and speaking skills that help kid interacting with greater fluency. Also, deal with organic animations greatly with no fail. Highly rated and preferred by the millions of users.

As a result, improve the sense of wonder in every kid and always appreciates creative thinking successfully. Well!!! It is very much responsive and maintains easy to use interface especially for the kids. All the words, pronunciations, and the spellings were according to American style English. Recently, it has been updated compatible enough with the new 11-inch iPad screen size very well.

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Kids Number and Math


Well, while coming to the kid’s number and math app, provide a basic without any fail. The app is very much interesting and entertaining app. It offers various exercises that help our kids to learn in a more perfect way. Initially free to use and better enough to learn the numbers from 1-20 respectively. But if it is the paid version, allows greater customization with no fail.

Activities like choosing max/min numbers, addition, subtraction, finding a match, advanced exercises and much more can be learned with great fun. Parents can get relax by learning about and accessing this wonderful app very well. All our kids can spend enough time and learn to the greater extent. Highly rated and preferred by millions of users even today.

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The Going to Bed Book


Going to bed book look like a board book by adding various fun and new interactions. Narrating a story, soundtrack, all these features act like a basic and perfect companion during bedtimes. All your kids enjoy and have a pleasant sleep all overnight. One can team up with award-winning loud crow interactive in order to gain a funny and best-selling app.

It can be managed well managing to retain original experience and add subtle accordingly. It provides a greater experience, offering live interactivity, mesmerizing and come up with delightful discovery very well. Helps the little piggy turning off lights, lock yourself to sleep into respective music box sound of very much impressive twinkling starts respectively.

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Tongo Music


Last but not least, the Tongo music app explores the world of classical music. It is great for all the ages and includes handbook. This will be helpful for both parents and teachers providing important information related to the learning theory behind all the activities. All these are set to make your kids learn successfully.

Perhaps, it consists of various musical instruments where one can try out the rhythm respectively. Notes, treble clef, bass clef, note value, break and much more were considered as music signs involved in it. Especially kids can have a lot of fun learning either by playing, listening and following stories accordingly. Highly rated and preferred by various individuals in the present day to day life.

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All these were very much useful and considerable enough in these days. For more apps or any information, drop down a comment so that we help you. Well!!! Keeping all these aside, if you like to learn about best android ai apps for 2019, never mind!!! We are here to help out without any fail.

Final Verdict

Start analyzing the importance of the subject in apps and prepare your kids smarter than others. Moreover, one can also make fun of certain apps that greatly entertain. Let’s start with the above best apps for 2 year old kid right now. For any doubts or information, can drop down the comment. Thank you. Visit trickism for more advanced and interesting tutorials.

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