Join Manor: Elevate Your Retail Career in Switzerland

A retail career in Manor, Switzerland, can be a significant step towards professional growth. This article provides detailed insights into the various career opportunities available at Manor. 

You'll learn about the application process, salary expectations, and benefits. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to elevate your retail career.


About Manor

It is one of the leading retail chains in Switzerland, offering a wide range of products and services to Swiss consumers.

History and Background

Founded in 1902, it has grown significantly over the past century. Initially starting as a small store, it expanded rapidly across the country. 

The company's focus has always been on quality and customer satisfaction. This long-standing history underpins its reputation in the Swiss retail market.


Presence in Switzerland

Manor operates numerous stores across all major cities in Switzerland. Each location is strategically chosen to serve local communities effectively. 

The brand's widespread presence ensures accessibility for most Swiss residents. This extensive network supports its status as a household name.

Company Values and Culture

The company emphasizes integrity and excellence in its operations. Employees are encouraged to uphold high ethical standards. 


The work environment fosters collaboration and respect among staff. These core values drive the company's success and employee satisfaction.

Retail Career Opportunities at Manor

There are many job roles available in retail. Each role has specific duties and responsibilities to ensure smooth operations.

Types of Positions Available

There are various roles in retail, including sales associates, store managers, and more. Here are some key positions:

Sales Associates

Sales associates assist customers with purchases, help find products, and provide excellent service. Their role involves maintaining the store's appearance and stock levels. They also handle transactions at the checkout.

Store Managers

Store managers oversee the entire store's operations, are responsible for staff management and store performance, set sales goals, ensure customer satisfaction, handle administrative duties, and solve any issues.

Department Supervisors

Department supervisors manage specific sections of the store. They ensure their department runs efficiently and meets targets. They supervise staff and monitor inventory levels. Their role involves training employees and providing support.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives handle customer inquiries and complaints, provide information and solutions to customer issues, answer phone calls and emails, and strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


Cashiers process customer transactions at the checkout. They handle payments and provide receipts for purchases. Their role involves maintaining accuracy in cash handling. They also assist with customer inquiries about products.

Stock Clerks

Stock clerks manage inventory levels in the store, ensure shelves are well-stocked and organized, receive deliveries, check for damaged items, and help maintain the store's overall appearance.

Visual Merchandisers

Visual merchandisers design and arrange store displays, creating attractive setups to highlight products. Their role involves planning seasonal and promotional displays. They work to enhance the shopping experience.

Security Personnel

Security personnel ensure the safety of customers and staff. They monitor surveillance systems and patrol the store. Their tasks include preventing theft and handling emergencies. They maintain a secure shopping environment.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists plan and execute marketing campaigns. They promote sales events and new products. Their role involves analyzing market trends and customer behavior. They work to increase store visibility and sales.

IT Support Specialists

IT support specialists manage the store's technology systems. They provide technical assistance to staff and resolve IT issues. Their tasks include maintaining computer networks and software and ensuring all systems run smoothly for daily operations.

How to Apply for a Job at Manor?

Applying for a job involves several steps. Understanding the process can improve your chances of success.

Application Process

Knowing the steps in the application process is crucial. This helps you prepare and submit a robust application.

Online Application

The online application is the first step to apply. Follow these simple steps to complete your application:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Search for open positions.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Upload your CV and cover letter.
  • Apply.

Interview Stages

After submitting your application, you may be invited to interviews. These stages help determine your suitability for the role:

  • Phone Interview: Initial screening to discuss your background.
  • First Interview: In-person or video interview with HR.
  • Second Interview: Meeting with the hiring manager.
  • Final Interview: Possibly with senior management or team members.

Tips for a Successful Application

A successful application involves careful preparation. Here are some tips to enhance your chances.

Crafting a Compelling CV

A well-crafted CV is essential. It should highlight your skills and experiences effectively:

  • Use a precise and professional layout.
  • Include relevant work experience.
  • List your education and certifications.
  • Highlight critical skills and achievements.
  • Proofread for errors.

Preparing for Interviews

Preparation is critical to performing well in interviews. Follow these steps to get ready:

  • Research the company and its values.
  • Practice common interview questions.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Bring copies of your CV and other documents.
  • Arrive early to make a good impression.

Salary and Benefits

Understanding the salary and benefits is essential when considering a job. Here’s what you can expect in Switzerland.

Average Salaries for Different Positions

Salaries vary by position. Here are the monthly averages in Swiss Francs (CHF):

  • Sales Associates: CHF 4,166 - CHF 5,416 per month
  • Store Managers: CHF 6,666 - CHF 8,333 per month
  • Department Supervisors: CHF 5,833 - CHF 7,083 per month
  • Customer Service Representatives: CHF 4,166 - CHF 5,416 per month
  • Cashiers: CHF 4,166 - CHF 5,000 per month
  • Stock Clerks: CHF 4,000 - CHF 4,833 per month
  • Visual Merchandisers: CHF 4,500 - CHF 5,500 per month
  • Security Personnel: CHF 4,333 - CHF 5,500 per month
  • Marketing Specialists: CHF 5,833 - CHF 7,500 per month
  • IT Support Specialists: CHF 6,000 - CHF 7,500 per month


Employees receive various benefits to support their well-being. These benefits enhance job satisfaction and security.

Health Insurance

Employees receive comprehensive health insurance coverage. This ensures access to medical care when needed. The coverage includes hospital visits, treatments, and preventive care.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are part of the benefits package. These plans help employees save for their future. Contributions from both the employer and employee ensure financial security after retirement.

Employee Discounts

Employees enjoy discounts on store products. This benefit allows staff to save money on purchases, and it is an added perk that enhances the overall compensation package.

Professional Development Opportunities

The company offers professional development programs. These opportunities help employees advance their skills. Training and workshops are provided to support career growth.

Wrapping Up Your Retail Journey: Join Manor in Switzerland

A retail career in Manor, Switzerland, offers numerous opportunities for growth and stability. With competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, it's an attractive choice for many. 

The diverse roles and professional development programs provide a solid foundation for your career. Take the first step today and explore what this rewarding field offers.

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