Top Indian Money Transaction Apps : Money Transfer App in India

Best Money Transfer App in India: As of present situation, the technology got improvised. No more manual transactions are taking place. It is all done online. But to do so, several people have chosen medium as Indian money transaction apps available at all over India.

Looking forward to all such apps, many people started using them with no second thought. Also, one need not get worried about security issues arising in those particular situations. As per the reviews are taken from millions of users, no threat caused at the time of making online payments or transactions carried out.

Best money Transfer App in india
Best Online Money Transfer Apps & e-Wallets in India

Therefore, here we have come with such top balance transaction apps one by one. Take a while to have a look, understand and use accordingly for making your own transactions right today. Also, we have come with a download link where one can directly navigate and use accordingly.

Top Best Money Transfer App in India

Below are the apps provided in a clear and better understandable format. All these are greatly supported by the Android operating system. Here we go.

  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay
  • Mobikwik
  • PayZapp

Look forward, pick and use accordingly for making easy transactions online with no second thought.



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The Paytm is considered as one of the Indian e-commerce payment systems and also considered as India’s 1st wallet and payment app over millions of users. Groceries, movies, tv, and appliances, electronics, laptops and much more can be shopped through Paytm.

However, one can get paytm cashback up to some amount with no doubt. For example, get 100{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} cashback for 200 customers every hour. And the respective promo code is given as LUCKY200 respectively. Therefore, try right away by accessing Paytm irrespective of the device without any fail.

Get Paytm Right Here


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It is also one of the very fast and best money making apps, money payment can be done instantly. It has come with a simple user-friendly interface. UPI payments, money transfer, recharge payments and much more can be done through phonepe without facing any kind of issues. It is highly rated and today if you see tons of all the users accessing Phonepe successfully.

In order to earn money through phonepe, simply install by navigating to the below link. Once after successful installation, pay Rs1 to 100/- to the nearer friend and using UPI ID and then earn 100/- within a while. Also, there are chances to get 1000/- in the first transaction itself. Where the earned money is used for either recharging or billing transactions respectively.

Get PhonePe Right Here

Google Pay

balance earning apps

This is also considered as one of the best money earning apps in India. In simple, it is a digital wallet platform and online payment system respectively. It is all developed by Google and high rated application available throughout the market. One can send money to friends, pay bills, recharge and much more through the most amazing Google pay application with no hurdles.

Moreover, Just by inviting all your friends, one can earn 51/- referral cashback without any fail. And what not!!!! The offer is valid only for new users. So a new bank account and a new mobile number in order to get the Tez app. So that can earn and use for any of the expenses without ay fail. Isn’t it amazing!!! If you are one looking like this wonderful app, simply navigate by performing a click on below link right away.

Get Google Pay Right Here


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The Mobikwik is one of the fastest and simple applications used for making mobile payments, shopping, recharge, expenses, getting instant loans and much more to the greater extent. Moreover, it has been recently tied up with various restaurants, groceries and also the offline merchants respectively. And what not!!!! This has tied up even with payment partner available at the airports situated all over India.

This is highly rated and supported by the Android operating system. This is preferred by millions of users even today. Do not delay in using this application. Start performing a scan of one particular QR code for paying all at local stores and any on time. Therefore, try out this by simply performing a click on below link right now. As a result, redeem all your payback points on this wonderful application.

Get Mobikwik Right Here

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indian money trasaction apps

Last but not least, PayZapp is also famous for making transactions online, free recharge, travel, shopping, movies and much more by tapping single click. It is highly preferred by millions of users and highly rated comparatively. No person need not worry about security issues. As such it would not make any trouble while transactions are on the flow.

Greatly supported by the Android operating system. Link your both credit and debit card right away and do payment accordingly. Also, whatever the card details, were not stored either on the app or the mobile. It is all taken care by one particular bank itself. However, this mainly responsible for conducting three security checks enclosed with every transaction. If you like to go with it, try now without any fail.

Get PayZapp Right Here


According to my views, all these top Indian money transactions apps were totally clear. Try out by picking one among all if you like to go with. For more apps, tricks and any doubts, just simply mention in the followed comment box. So that we help you in short. Also, if you like this article and think very much useful, share with all your belongings right away. Thank you. Stay connected with trickism for better tutorials.