Learn How to Merge LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for small and large business owners, linking you to qualified networks and assisting you in presenting and receiving knowledge within your network. 

Like many people who maintain a professional online presence, you may find yourself with more than one LinkedIn account. 

If this happens, take action to merge business profiles within LinkedIn so that all your contacts can be viewed in one account. Check out this blog to learn more about merging your LinkedIn pages!

Learn How to Merge LinkedIn Pages
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Why Do Others Need to Do This? 

In some cases, a LinkedIn Page administrator may choose to merge more than one of their pages to reinforce and centralize their brand on LinkedIn with one succinct page for a university or business. 

You can not incorporate University Pages into Company Pages because that will alter a member’s details or adjust an action taken by a member in a way that deviates from their original purpose without their stated recognition or approval.


Before Merging, Remember These Qualifications

Please remember the following before making your application for the merger: 

  • You must be an administrator of the pages you choose to link with.
  • To be eligible for a merge, the pages must be national, unacquired branches, divisional, and/or duplicates.
  • You must know the effects of fusing the University or Business Pages.

How to Merge LinkedIn Pages

But there are a few things that you should be aware of before combining two accounts. Just the links and email address of the account you want to close will be moved. 

You won’t be able to combine profile information, updates, endorsements, reviews, or saved items, and any InMail credits you have will be lost. 

After that, just follow these steps. 

  • Check on LinkedIn for yourself, and find the profile you want to hold. From this account, click on Me on the top right-hand side under your picture.
  • Then choose Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • Select account, then account management.
  • Tap the Change button to Merge LinkedIn Accounts.
  • Insert the email address and password for the account you want to close and then click Submit. You will then be asked to confirm that you are closing the right account and will need to click Continue.
  • First, enter the account password you want to hold verifying you want to merge the accounts and then press Send.
  • Upon completion of these measures, you will receive a confirmation email from LinkedIn to the email address on your primary account.

Reminders and Disclaimers

After a page has been merged, it can not be changed. The data associated with merged Pages will no longer be available, including text and image content, supported updates, analytics, and posted updates.

LinkedIn Advertising accounts associated with the combined page(s) can not be transferred to the retained Page, nor can they reactivate ad creatives associated with it.

It just migrates employees and followers to the retained list. The maintained page would be shared with all staff affiliated with the combined page(s), including subsidiary page(s).


Learn How to Merge LinkedIn Pages
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LinkedIn Help

Also, if you don’t want to perform the process yourself, LinkedIn will help you move your connections. To send a request to move your connections, please visit the LinkedIn “Contact Us” web page. 

Provide the email addresses for the accounts you wish to merge and choose the account you wish to retain.


Life is so much easier when you’re not trying to manage numerous pages across profiles online. By linking your LinkedIn pages, you can better manage your online professional persona.