Why We Should Ban Watching Movies in Tamil Rockers {Kill Piracy}

Ban Watching Movies in Tamilrockers: Today there are millions of sites like tamilrockers encouraging piracy. These all were considered as movie streaming sites where one can watch any number of latest releases without stepping to the movie theaters. Looking forward to these sites, all the producers were firing enough and requesting to ban such sites at any cost.

Tamilrockers is the one among them playing a most important role than anyone. Even though the government has passed the strict rule not to encourage piracy and ban sites like tamilrockers, they have come with a new idea. Switching from one URL to another, keeping their sites availability making all the producers stressless.

Ban Watching Movies in Tamil Rockers
Why We Should Ban Watching Movies in Tamil Rockers

There are tons of sites like tamilrockers available on the Internet hosting all the leaked content and in turn causing to the encouragement of piracy. Of all these points, one query has raised between several individuals. That is, Why we should ban watching Tamil Rockers? Well, if you are one searching for? Look forward to this in order to find out.

Who are Tamilrockers? How do Tamilrockers Work?

Basically, the Tamilrockers is considered as an online portal that involves all the latest releases to a greater extent. This actually has begun with Tollywood movies but later has taken the initiative releasing Bollywood movies very well. Various producers today were suffering a lot and thereby losing a huge amount whenever the sites like tamilrockers leak all the pre-releases on the internet. Seeing that many people have filed a complaint against it.  But no use. There are sites still existing with different IP addresses respectively.

movies on tamilrockers


Now let us focus it’s working nature in clear and better understandable format. This also consists of different methods provided here. For example, let us consider any of the movies, Goddess II. This might be a big project dealing with the most famous superstar, the more money you spend, have more pressure to reach success equally.

One can reach success only when the producer earns at least half of the budget spent within three days respectively. The remaining amount can be earned in different ways and different channels. Therefore, before coming with a heavy budget film, thinking in all directions and getting success will be the most priority one.


  • First and foremost, every producer takes an initiative to call upon press in one of the theatres.
  • They might be located at any of the film studios that have a limited capacity.
  • When the movie is on the unedited format, showing CBFC certificate, tamilrockers step in.
  • They will take a step by speaking with all the organizers and respective staff.
  • Thereafter, the main person is requested to pay a certain amount say more or equal to 70k in order to get an original or preview print successfully.
Case Study1:
  • Once before the release date, these sites like tamilrockers make money back by showing a small clip to the respective producer demanding double or triple which you have paid enough.
  • This brings a lot of stress or burden on the respective producer for not uploading movie online.
  • Without thinking any, pays accordingly. So one should take appropriate care before making or releasing the movie into the market.
  • At last, the producer gets a margin of a certain amount and the remaining 30{aa5fcef17b4d12f9b0994a17f5224bb913ec47320fdac831a413b268681dd9f8} go to the respective organizer. This is all to save the movie pre-releasing online and facing such problems.
  • This is one possible way to do business in these days.
Case Study2:

Keeping this aside, let us consider another case study of the producer not paying money to the respective owner of the piracy sites. Not a big deal.

  • This is because, whenever the owner of movie streaming sites upload the latest release, can earn money through the advertisements and downloads underwent.
  • As a result, they get the money back spent for an organizer in the process of getting a premium print respectively.
  • This is one of the way doing business in all these days.
  • Remember one specific point as getting an original print is the most difficult part. So the movie streaming sites like tamilrockers get an only preview copy.


  • Well, this is one of the methods followed by various sites like tamilrockers to earn money without any fail. It is as simple as that.
  • Sites like tamilrockers will prepare a group of young people and ask them to record movies in any of the theatres.
  • Accordingly, they pay starting from 500 to 1500 for each and every recorded movie.
  • The amount offered all depends on the quality they give.
  • If you see there are tons of graphic designers placed for the purpose of editing, brightening the prints in a more successful way.
  • They held responsibility in the whole editing part and make accordingly.
  • All these prints through mobiles or any without any fail.
  • Basically, fans are two types. Certain fans show curious in watching the respective movies as fast as possible.
  • Few will take an initiative banning piracy and helping them very well. Decide which category you belong to.

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Why We Should Ban Watching Movies in Tamilrockers?

Encouraging piracy is considered as a crime. If you are the one watching movies on the online sites once after the 1-week release, it is totally illegal. Downloading the pirated content or watching pirated copies of all the latest releases is ultimately considered as a crime.

watching tamilrockers

However, If any person does not take this into consideration, there are various chances of getting punished. Either the person may go to jail for 6 months to 3 years or severely gets punished. So be aware of it and do not encourage piracy. Below are the few reasons why people should not watch pirated content online.

  • The print that has been uploaded will not be clear or few scenes might be deleted.
  • Moreover watching or downloading all the pirated content is completely illegal.
  • Also, piracy discourages all the producers and drastically throws out into a huge loss.

So, therefore, never and ever encourage piracy. Just go to the nearby theaters to watch all the latest releases carrying out with a good print.

Different ways to Stop Piracy: A Challenging Task

There are different ways either it might be a video or audio will get distributed all over the market without any fail. And if you see, there are various channels involved acting like a strong bridge at the time of distribution. It includes both social and technical aspects.

watching piracy movies illegal

At the social point of view, all the people were completely authorized to make a download and technical point of view, the video file goes throughout the market and gets downloaded. Letus look out how the video file goes all over the market provided below in the form of bullet lists.

  • Uploading the respective video on Cloud Services.
  • Watching all the videos through the server to the media player if any.
  • Authentication.
  • The ultimate video playback.

The above are the four steps to be carried out. If you like to save your content simply follow the below bullet lists accordingly.

why we should ban tamilrockers

  • First and foremost, try to secure the whole storage content.
  • Encrypted transmission must be involved.
  • Authentication is mandatory.
  • And finally, there should be a watermark in order to save from all the pirated users.

Wrapping Up

Hope it is all clear about the reasons behind Why we should ban watching Tamil Rockers provided here. Remember one specific point, do not encourage piracy and get into trouble in the future. If you like to save all your well-wishers from the occurrence of punishment, share and explain them as not to encourage piracy. You can also share through any of the social networking sites. Thank you. Make contact with us for any doubts and stay connected with trickism for more interesting tricks.